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Play thousands of good games here at Wicked Good Games in multiple categories and formats.   Flash, Java, Javascript, Shockwave and HTML5 games.   Hundreds of games for Girls , and a collection of 250+ suitable for dial-up connections. No downloading with all that sneaky stuff they often add like toolbars and adware if or when your attention lapses.   More than 2500 free games in all and counting with new ones added daily. So choose a destination and let the games begin!

latest game additions
Save the Goons
Save the Goons
Droids Steal for Me
Steal for Me
World Countries Quiz
Countries Quiz
Train Raiders
Train Raiders
Let the Bullets Fly 4
Let the Bullets
Fly 4
Uber Boat
Uber Boat
Mind It !
Mind It !
Tankman Training
Good Morning and Die
Good Morning
and Die

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