You are Dig Dug, the underground miner. With your jet-powered shovel, you create intricate, subterranean mazes. Ever on the watch for vegetable prizes, you must also look out for the fierce Fygar(tm) and mean Pooka(tm) that lurk underground. Their touch kills| Worse, these two meanies can transform into spooky ghosts that will appear out of nowhere and haunt you to death.

Each round is completed when you destroy all the meanies or when the last one escapes. The game ends when you lose all your lives.

You start the game with five lives. Remaining lives are displayed as squares at the lower left side of the screen. (See the Game Screen.) You can also earn bonus lives. You win your first bonus life at 20,000 points. After that, a bonus life is won at every multiple of 50,000 points up to 200,000 points. The maximum number of lives you can have at any one time is eight.