Donkey Kong the ape has kidnaped Mario's girlfriend! In this action-packed rescue adventure, you move Mario through incredible dangers to save her. Your skill and speed determine your score.

When the first of your three Marios appears on the ramps, try to get him to the top to save his girlfriend. If Mario is hit by a barrel, he is eliminated. Climb the unbroken ladders to reach the next ramp! Mario cannot climb broken ladders

If mario jumps up and grabs the hammer, he can face the barrels and hit them for extra points. But if the hammer misses and the barrel hits Mario, he's eliminated! And remember - he can't climb ladders with the hammer, and the hammer disappears in a few seconds

If you make it to the top of the ramp, the remaining bonus is added to your score and move on to the rivet screen. But if you fail, Mario is eliminated.