Mario the carpenter and his brother Luigi are hopping mad! The water pipes in their house are blocked with nests of crawling creatures. If the two brothers can't get rid of them they'll never take a bath again!

Your task is to help Mario and Luigi knock the pipe pests off floors and into a puddle of water below. Each time a pest is knocked off, you earn points; when all the pests are knocked off, the next round begins. You start the game with five lives, and earn additional lives every 20,000 points.

Knocking off a pest is a two-part maneuver: First punch the floor directly beneath a pest to flip it onto its back, then jump up to the floor and kick the pest off before it recovers.

Earn 800 extra points for every bonus wafer you pick up. A wafer comes out of a water pipe each time a pest is kicked of a floor.

At certain times during the game the pests disappear and a coin phase begins. During a coin phase the screen is filled with dangling coins; you are given 15 seconds to collect as many coins as possible. A timer at the bottom of the screen counts down the seconds.