POLE POSITION consists of two races: the Qualifying Lap and the Grand Prix. In both races you're racing against time and other cars. The longer you race and the more cars you pass, the more points you score. You earn 10,000 points for completing a lap and 50 bonus points for each car you pass. A lap is one complete circuit of the race course (see diagram). The Qualifying Lap is 90 seconds long, but you must complete it in 73 seconds (L/73"00) or less to qualify for a position in the Grand Prix. If you don't qualify, you can continue racing until the Race Timer counts down to zero. Then your car stops, a bonus for the number of cars passed is added to your score, and the game ends. If you qualify, your car is positioned for the Grand Prix and a bonus for qualifying is added to the 10,000 points you scored for completing the lap. The faster your lap time, the better your position and the bigger your qualifying bonus (see SCORING). Go for POLE POSITION, the number one starting spot.