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Click card images to discard, Click Continue to Draw, Click Continue again for a new hand

Winnings Hand Description Example
$1,000 Royal Flush Ace thru 10 of same suit Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten of Spades
$500 Straight Flush Five cards in a row of the same suit Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, and Ten of Hearts
$250 Four of a Kind Four cards of the same rank Nine of Spades, Nine of Hearts, Nine of Diamonds, Nine of Clubs
$100 Full House Three cards of one rank and two card of another rank Three Tens and Two Fives
$50 Flush All five card in the same suit Two, Four, Seven, Jack, and King of Clubs
$25 Straight Five cards in a row, but of differing suits Ten of Clubs, Jack of Diamonds, Queen of Clubs, King of Spades, Ace of Hearts
$10 Three of a Kind Three cards of similar rank Eight of Hearts, Eight of Diamonds, Eight of Spades
$5 Two Pair Two cards of one rank and Two card of another rank Five of Diamonds and Five of Hearts plus Jack of Clubs and Jack of Spades
$1 Jacks or Better Two matching cards with a rank of Jack or better Jack of Spades and Jack of Hearts, or Queen of Diamonds and Queen of Spades, etc.

Jamie's Poker Machine is a free script courtesy of Jamie Jaworski & CNET-Builder.  Click Here to view the original article.