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A recap of the most recent game additions to
Physics Game 10-23-20 HTML5 page 6 Get all the stars into the bin to pass the level.  Concetrate, you can do this!! try this game
Power Blocks 10-22-20 HTML5 page 6 Fit all the colored shapes in the box.  They do fit, honest. 😏 try this game
Flags 10-21-20 HTML5 page 6 Match the Flags in this game to test your memory.  Three difficulty level, how quickly can you clear the board? try this game
Mini Jumper 10-20-20 HTML5 page 6 jump and collect all the stars to advance.  Just click or tap on the left-right keys to jump in that direction.  The longer you hold them the more strength to your jump. try this game
Not Not Online 10-19-20 HTML5 page 6 Not Not Online is a puzzle game based on the challenges of logic and orientation with the simple rule, follow the directions. try this game
Christmas Adventure 10-18-20 HTML5 page 6 Adventure with Santa!  You need to collect colorful balls and avoid dangers.  There are 20 levels, have fun! try this game
Tap Tap 10-17-20 HTML5 page 6 Simplicity!  Tap or click when you reach directional tile to jump to the next segment of the path.  If your timing is off it's into the abyss! try this game
Don't Hit Me 10-16-20 HTML5 page 6 You're happily out driving your new luxury car.  Unfortunately the street is crowded with those "in a hurry" pedestrians, you know the type..  Drive carefully and don't hit any of them. try this game
Pineapple Pen 2 10-15-20 HTML5 page 6 Shoot the fruit.  Funky musical score and simple game play, what's not to like? try this game
Run Sausage Run 10-14-20 HTML5 page 6 Jump, dive and sprint as you avoid all of the deadly obstacles in this super fun game.  Go Sausage, you can make it! try this game
Arcade Golf 10-13-20 HTML5 page 6 Make a hole-in-one and you'll get a bunch of points.  Points are deducted with each shot you take from the maximum available on each level. try this game
Grub Runner 10-12-20 HTML5 page 6 Play as Pizza Paul, Burger Bob or Sushi Sue and deliver the grub in this rooftop runner. try this game
Fat Panda 10-11-20 HTML5 page 6 Help the Fat Panda collect all the fruit and reach the goal to advance in this fun pinball type game. try this game
No Arm Done 10-10-20 HTML5 page 6 Help our hero fight against a giant robotic octopus called Clocktopus. try this game
Sheep 10-09-20 HTML5 page 6 Hey let's abduct some sheep! try this game
Pink Running Pig 10-08-20 HTML5 page 6 Oh NO!  It's bacon-makin' time.  He's got his cleaver so better not let him catch you. try this game
Jelly vs. Candy 10-07-20 HTML5 page 6 Help Jelly collect as much candy as he can.  Miss and hit the wall and it's game over! try this game
Krishna Jump 10-06-20 HTML5 page 6 Krishna the eighth incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu needs a little R & R.  Reach Nirvana!  Been there done that, so maybe just one more time for the fun of it. try this game
Jelly Bears 10-05-20 HTML5 page 6 It's a tasty rainbow of Jelly Bears!  Help our gummy buddies pair up with each other in this fun matching game. try this game
Tripeaks Garden 10-04-20 HTML5 page 6 Let's play some Solitaire!  Multiple rounds with different goals, very entertaining. try this game
Irresponsible Ninja 10-03-20 HTML5 page 6 Lay platforms to advance the ninja.  Too long or too short the same result, Doh!  You can do this, really you can. 😖 try this game
Knife Ninja 10-02-20 HTML5 page 6 Test your reflexes and knife throwing skills in Knife Ninja! try this game
Legend of the Samurai 10-01-20 HTML5 page 6 This legendary samurai is chased by a strong black monster, now your job in this game is help this samurai run out of this dangerous place, avoid obstacles and collect enough coins. try this game
Mega Runner 09-30-20 HTML5 page 6 It's time to train your reflexes in this side scrolling Html 5 game.  Tap to control your hero.  Stay away fromf the spikes and finish the levels. try this game
Don't Screw Up 09-29-20 HTML5 page 6 Tap or mouse click to complete the action according to the written instructions..  Don't SCREW up! try this game
Shadow 09-28-20 HTML5 page 6 Tap the screen or click your mouse to move the player.  The mission of the game is to get through the barriers quickly and carefully.  Have fun! try this game
Sliding Bricks 09-27-20 HTML5 page 6 Click quickly to move the block on the top of the same color one so that they will be merged into one block at once.  This is the only way to eliminate blocks line by line or row by row.  Game ends if the blocks reach the top. try this game
Christmas Shooting 09-26-20 HTML5 page 6 Hey, guys, Christmas is coming!  Let's prepare some turkey for Christmas dinner!  So grab your gun and follow me! try this game
Carnival Ducks 09-25-20 HTML5 page 6 .Step right up, test your marksmanship.  It's time to plink some ducks, well not all of them.  Step right up, everyone's a winner! try this game
Magic Cube 09-24-20 HTML5 page 6 Rotate the cube to place the frog and star on the same segment thus enabling you to drag the frog to the star. try this game
Burn Matches 09-23-20 HTML5 page 6 It's simple math, well that and a test of your logic and puzzle skills. try this game
Tower Challenge 09-22-20 HTML5 page 6 Test your stacking skill in Tower Challenge.  Come on, you know you can do better if you just try it one more time. try this game
Out of Step 09-21-20 HTML5 page 6 How far can you travel in this Lego inspired game?  Lay lego bricks and trampoline jumps to make your way on your journey and you can destroy obstructions by dropping boulders on them. try this game
Scared Silly 09-20-20 HTML5 page 6 Somebody or something stole one of your prized action figures!  It'll take a real hero to find it.  Are you up to the task, it's really scary? try this game
Jungle Dash Mania 09-19-20 HTML5 page 6 Run away from the big forest bear.  Jump above obstacles such as traps, rocks and tree stumps.  Collect power ups to protect and boost yourself. try this game
Road Crash 09-18-20 HTML5 page 6 Collect coins by crashing all the cars on the road while driving to the finish line! .  Merge cars in your garage to unlock even more powerful ones and become the most feared and reckless driver of them all! try this game
Smart Looter 09-17-20 HTML5 page 6 Smart Looter is a hypercasual robbery game.  Your goal is to rob the houses of different levels and collect all items without getting caught by the cops. try this game
Escape Out 09-16-20 HTML5 page 6 Save yourself and your mates from unexpected traps and tricky obstacles as you escape the "Joint".  Dig the right way out and enjoy your freedom. try this game
Microsoft Solitaire 09-15-20 HTML5 page 6 Play Klondike, Spider, Freecell, Pyramid, and TriPeaks. Plus, Daily Challenges.  Solitaire remains the most played computer game of all time, and for good reason.  Simple rules and straightforward. try this game
Drift Race 3D 09-14-20 HTML5 page 6 Show your savy driving skills and drift around those sharp turns and make your way to the finish line first. try this game
Hotel Solitaire 09-13-20 HTML5 page 6 Welcome to Hotel Solitaire.  Make your way through the hotel and find a treasure trove of Solitaire games for your playing pleasure. try this game
The Sorcerer 09-12-20 HTML5 page 6 Stop the advance of the colored balls!  Fire balls into the stream making groups of three or more to eliminate them.  If they reach the end it's game over. try this game
Ninja Run 09-11-20 HTML5 page 6 You are a ninja whose goal is to be the very best and collect as many coins, gold and jewels as possible. try this game
Element 09-10-20 HTML5 page 6 Use the elements, earth, air, and fire to reach your goal is this puzzler. try this game
Runic Blocks 09-09-20 HTML5 page 6 There's enough room on the board for all of these mysterious blocks...or is there? .  Do your best to fit them all in while you play this enchanting puzzle game. try this game
Road Fury 09-08-20 HTML5 page 6 Talk about road rage!  Destroy everything in your path, the fuel tankers are awesome! try this game
Drag Racing 09-07-20 HTML5 page 6 Start with your standard ride, choose a color and take to the strip.  Earn $ and upgrade your car, even buy a sweeter ride. try this game
Pipe Mania 09-06-20 HTML5 page 6 Let the water flow!  Arrange the pipes so the water can reach its destination without spilling out. try this game
Solitaire 13in1 09-05-20 HTML5 page 6 If you're a fan of Solitaire this entry features 13 variations of the game! try this game
Gummy Blocks 09-04-20 HTML5 page 6 Drag the Tetris shaped blocks into the grid to fill and clear rows and columns.  The game ends when there no space to place any tiles on the board. try this game
Tennis Open 2020 09-03-20 HTML5 page 6 Welcome to the 2020 open.  Great graphics and audio as you take center court in this great tennis game. try this game
Mini-Battles 09-02-20 HTML5 page 6 Get your best bud around the keyboard and engage in a bunch of simple but fun mini-battles! try this game
Stickman Golf 09-01-20 HTML5 page 6 Are you a duffer or the next Tiger Woods?  Play this 10 hole course where your score is relative to stokes under par. try this game
Tank vs. Tiles 08-31-20 HTML5 page 6 This game is a test your reaction time.  Use your mouse to control the tank to launch the correctly colored bombs to destroy the advancing tiles.. try this game
Toto Adventure 08-30-20 HTML5 page 6 Help Toto gather all the stars and keys in his quest to unlock the treasure chest and advance levels. try this game
2030 08-29-20 HTML5 page 6 After escaping from the prison box, Captain Jack Oneal steals protus, a high tech ship to fight the enemies that want to kill him and all humans. try this game
Hungry Lilly 08-28-20 HTML5 page 6 Feeding Lilly is pretty easy but how many stars can you collect on each level in doing so? try this game
Hearts 08-27-20 HTML5 page 6 Single player Hearts!  Game ends when 100 points is reached, player with the lowest score wins.  Shoot the Moon to really put you up on your three opponents. try this game
Press the Longest Stick 08-26-20 HTML5 page 6 This game's rule is very simple, find the longest stick and click (tap) it.  The game has a time limit so you need to find the target stick fast and correctly. try this game
Slingshot 08-25-20 HTML5 page 6 Hey, Are you looking for a fun game? SlingShot is a fun casual game.  Your goal is to pass all the disks in the region to the opposite side. try this game
Clash of Goblins 08-24-20 HTML5 page 6 Clash of Goblins is real time strategy unit deployment game.  Objective is to destroy the opponent base by deploying your goblins. try this game
Stunt Crasher 08-23-20 HTML5 page 6 Stunt Crasher is a fun game where you jump off a ramp and hit the obstacles in your path.  More destruction brings more score.  Buy new vehicles, upgrade them and get ready for the next stage! try this game
Water Flow 08-22-20 HTML5 page 6 Extremely easy to play yet not that easy to give up. Adjust pins by pulling or dragging them to make your way trough pipes. try this game
Super Escape Masters 08-21-20 HTML5 page 6 Escape with your friends from prison.  Dig the right way out, sort many obstacles to enojoy your freedom.  Complete 24 exciting levels avoiding spikes, boxes, explosives, water, and the guards to reach the truck and leave the place. try this game
Icy Purple Head 2 08-20-20 HTML5 page 6 Icy slides , Purple sticks.  Touch anywhere to become icy, try to reach the postage box to finish the level and void dangerous spikes and electricity! try this game
Tower Crush 08-19-20 HTML5 page 6 Tower Crush is an epic indie game where you build 1 tower, up to 6 floors, load them with weapons, upgrade, evolve and defeat your opponents in fantastic battles. try this game
Pudding Monsters 08-18-20 HTML5 page 6 The Pudding Monsters are on a mission to save their friends from the cold-hearted fridge owner!  Hey, growing into an ULTIMATE MEGA MONSTER sounds like the most reliable plan! try this game
Moto X3M Spookyland 08-17-20 HTML5 page 6 Drive your motorbike through Halloween-themed tracks filled with obstacles and stunt opportunities.  Get your bike through the trials quickly to earn more points! try this game
Pop Pop Kitties 08-16-20 HTML5 page 6 Play a cute puzzle as you pop-pop all the kitties using strategy and reflexes! With 100+ challenging puzzles.  Can you collect all the stars? try this game
Superbike Hero 08-15-20 HTML5 page 6 Compete across Europe and the Middle East as you race in the Superbike Series. try this game
Tic Tac Way 08-14-20 HTML5 page 6 You are the ball that needs to drive around psychedelic states of consciousness.  Be careful to stay on the wall and follow the path as much as you can! try this game
Tap the Frog 08-13-20 HTML5 page 6 Tap the Frog is simple to play yet challenging to master, this game will keep you entertained forever. try this game
Football Masters 08-12-20 HTML5 page 6 Football Masters Euro 2020 is a fun soccer game.  In this game, you can play as your favorite team and compete against other teams in challenging football matches; solo or together with your friends. try this game
Badland 08-11-20 HTML5 page 6 BADLAND is an award-winning atmospheric side-scrolling action adventure platformer set in a gorgeous forest full of various inhabitants, trees and flowers. try this game
Line of Defense 08-10-20 HTML5 page 6 Use your defensive rockets painted with colors, match it with the color of attacking tanks and shoot in order to destroy it.  If the color mismatches, you will lose.  If tanks reaches the front line you will lose. try this game
Crazy Knife 08-09-20 HTML5 page 6 Chop like a real master.  It's so satisfying! - Easy control - Addictive gameplay - Simple and fun. try this game
Traffic Run 08-08-20 HTML5 page 6 Control the traffic and help the cars pass without crashing.  Score when a car goes through safely.  Touch/Click on the car to stop it. Touch/Click again to start. try this game
Crocword Crossword 08-07-20 HTML5 page 6 Help Professor of Words Science Ph.D. Croc solve colorful crosswords! try this game
Football Flick 08-06-20 HTML5 page 6 Are you ready for football?  In this great game chose one of 12 national football sides and play one on one.  Beat them all. try this game
Pinball Football 08-05-20 HTML5 page 6 Pinball Football is a great soccer game. with 20 levels you need to beat.  Score 4 goals per level and go to the higher level. try this game
Super Buddy Run 08-04-20 HTML5 page 6 Start the adventure with super buddy run, explore strange worlds and levels like forest, iceland, and volcanos, perform amazing jumps and survive as long as you can. try this game
Popcorn Box 08-03-20 HTML5 page 6 Hold to fill the bucket with popcorn.  Do not drop too much and earn a top rating! try this game
Alien Shoot Zombies 08-02-20 HTML5 page 6 Help the little green alien off all the zombies!  Fun shooter but unfortunately limited to only eight levels. try this game
Penalty Challenge 08-01-20 HTML5 page 6 Pick your nation and compete against the world to capture the world championship. try this game
Zippy Pixie 07-31-20 HTML5 page 6 It's bubble shooter time!  Make a combo of 3 or more identical fruits and clear the field before they reach the bottom. try this game
trezeRocket 07-30-20 HTML5 page 6 How simple can a game get?  As you ship scrolls up just click or tap to make it swing left or right.  Avoid the barriers and asteroids in your path and collect stars.  Yup! simple but not easy 😟 try this game
Mini Drifts 07-29-20 HTML5 page 6 Drift your way around the track.  Advance to the next more difficult test by meeting the goal presented on each level. try this game
Watercraft Rush 07-28-20 HTML5 page 6 So you're a Jet Ski pro?  Prove it! try this game
Jump Boy Jump 07-27-20 HTML5 page 6 Graphically pleasing endless runner.  How far can you go? try this game
You Break My Heart 07-26-20 HTML5 page 6 Okay Cupid, time to break some hearts! try this game
treze SNWboard 07-25-20 HTML5 page 6 Snowboard down the hill collecting stars while avoiding the boulders.  The snow's great so you'll pick up speed quickly, Oh and watch out for those eagles! try this game
Key Mouse 07-24-20 HTML5 page 6 Guide the mouse througth the maze collecting keys.  His energy is falling quickly so grab that key to reinvigorate him!  When it drops to zero it's game over. try this game
Gravity Ball 07-23-20 HTML5 page 6 As you ball scoots along reverse gravity to avoid all the dangers in your path.  How far can you travel? try this game
Super Jump Box 07-22-20 HTML5 page 6 Make you little box jump along the path of colored squares by tapping or clicking the associated color.  Simple until the previous landing squares start disappearing! try this game
Extermination of Flies 07-21-20 HTML5 page 6 Doh!, those pesky flies are back.  Exterminate 'em! try this game
Jump Box Hero 07-20-20 HTML5 page 6 Test your timing skills as you try to send our little hero higher and higher. try this game
Omicronian 07-19-20 HTML5 page 6 All out space shootout in the midst of an asteroid storm.  How long can you survive try this game
Rescuers 07-18-20 HTML5 page 6 Help, the building's on fire!  Looks like a job for the Rescuers. try this game
Monster Adventure 07-17-20 HTML5 page 6 Help monster collect all the stars and meet up with his buddy.  Be careful some of those platforms have a habit of disappearing quickly. try this game
Millionaire 2018 07-16-20 HTML5 page 6 Do you have the knowledge to be a millionaire?  Not sure of an answer, you can even call a friend! try this game
Cross that Road 07-15-20 HTML5 page 6 Cross that road, that canal, the railrod tracks, heck all those impedements with the upmost caution. try this game
Box Jump Up 07-14-20 HTML5 page 6 Help the Box jump up floor after floor, that is if you can avoid those nasty guardians patrolling those higher levels. try this game
Starship Escape 07-13-20 HTML5 page 6 Make your way throught the dangerous corridors of the alien ship in an attempt to make your way to freedom. try this game
Anti Virus 07-12-20 HTML5 page 6 Fire your antibodies at the approaching virus and destroy them before they infect you! try this game
Basket & Ball 07-11-20 HTML5 page 6 Dribble that ball, collect stars and put it in the hoop!  Easy, right?  Maybe not so much : ) try this game
Snake & Ladders 07-10-20 HTML5 page 6 The gameboard is full of traps and tricks… Roll the dice and try your luck!  Ladders will take you up but Snakes will take you down as you try to reach the top. try this game
Dancing Ball 07-09-20 HTML5 page 6 This game will really test your reaction time!  Keep the ball rolling on the path if you can. try this game
Hurdles 07-08-20 HTML5 page 6 Pick your nation and compete with the best athletes in the world.  Your jumps with have to be perfect as the competition keeps getting stronger with each round. try this game
Jumpdown 07-07-20 HTML5 page 6 Guide your bouncing ball down the pole level by level while avoiding landing on a red danger area. try this game
Dune Surfer 07-06-20 HTML5 page 6 Hey Dude let's do some surfing on the Dunes! try this game
Cricket 2020 07-05-20 HTML5 page 6 O.K. it's your turn to take to the pitch and score as many runs as you can against that tricky bowler. try this game
Battleships Armada 07-04-20 HTML5 page 6 Place your fleet and get set for a great game of battleships.  Each round gives you a three shot salvo to find and destroy the enemy. try this game
Mini Cart Racing 07-03-20 HTML5 page 6 Keep your cart on track an make it to all checkpoints within the time limit. try this game
Cool Run 3D 07-02-20 HTML5 page 6 This Cool 3D running game brings absolute clarity to the term, "leap of faith". try this game
Super Sniper 07-01-20 HTML5 page 6 Your mission has begun.  Open the sight on your target and Shoot!!!! try this game
Subway Runner 06-30-20 HTML5 page 6 Enter the railway!  Run as far as you possibly can, evade obstacles on the track and finish all the achievements in an everchanging and gradually more difficult level design! try this game
Geometrical Dash 06-29-20 HTML5 page 6 Take control of a square and get to the end, that's it!  But it's not as easy as it would seem.  The levels you go through are pixel-perfect mazes! try this game
Golf Bounce 06-28-20 HTML5 page 6 Grab any of your awesome golf clubs and launch the penguin as far as possible!!  Bounce in the jungle to reach the end.  Collect coins to buy upgrades and fly more distance. try this game
Dino Hunter - Killing Strand 06-27-20 HTML5 page 6 Dino Hunter: Killing Strand is an intense shooter pitting you against big game from the late Cretaceous period.  Whoa! try this game
Super Dash Car 06-26-20 HTML5 page 6 Control your car's jumping madness on the road and remember four wheels on the road is good, landing on your roof is not. try this game
Join and Clash 06-25-20 HTML5 page 6 Gather up you mates and storm the castle! try this game
ATV Rush 06-24-20 HTML5 page 6 Fire up your ATV and hit the road where you need to collect coins and avoid obstacles.  As time goes on, the speed of the vehicle increases so it will be harder for you to drive.. You have 3 lives in this game. try this game
Planet Jigsaw 06-23-20 HTML5 page 6 The planets in this game are not like the planets you have seen before!  Combine the pieces to see the planets. Have fun! try this game
Pop the Sugar 06-22-20 HTML5 page 6 Pop as many sugar cubes as you can.  Some sugar cubes are harder to pop compared to others.  Don't run out of time! try this game
Hero Knight RPG 06-21-20 HTML5 page 6 Defeat monsters on your journey with your sword and spells!  Level up as you gain experience collecting gold and gems and increase your skills and attributes. try this game
Walk Master 06-20-20 HTML5 page 6 The operation in this game is easy, slide on the screen to help the character move forward.  Don't step in the poop, or you'll lose.  How far can you go? try this game
Prison Escape 06-19-20 HTML5 page 6 Make a plan to escape from the prison and watch out from the guards.  Draw the escape route and help the prisoners make their way out of the joint.  So what’s the plan, PROFESSOR? try this game
Angry Zombies 06-18-20 HTML5 page 6 Launch your skulls and destroy the zombies in this ghoulish remake of the popular Angry Birds. try this game
Tricky Kick 06-17-20 HTML5 page 6 Insanely addictive game-play!  Don't say we didn't warn you!  Use your skills and tap perfectly at the perfect time to score a goal and pass each challenge. try this game
Green Ninja Run 06-16-20 HTML5 page 6 Help Green Ninja get to the finish line.  Run and jump from platform to platform gathering coins while avoiding all the dangers. try this game
Axe Master 06-15-20 HTML5 page 6 Axe throwing is a new and fast growing sport.  Tap to throw hatchets (mini axes) at moving targets.  Avoid skulls and go for the bulls eye.  Don't run out of axes! try this game
Super Ninja Adventure 06-14-20 HTML5 page 6 Super Ninja needs to find his way to go to the exit and collect all the Shuriken to finish each level. try this game
Adventure Escape 06-13-20 HTML5 page 6 Help our Space Warrior to escape this ship by touch your screen or click to fly higher.  Stay away from the door, and don’t drop down. try this game
Traffic Jam 06-12-20 HTML5 page 6 Traffic Jams are all around you.  You need to help the pedestrian cross the busy roadway.avoiding the cars and looking for signs when you can safely cross the street. try this game
Tank Fight 06-11-20 HTML5 page 6 The story is not original - the defense of the headquarters.  You can play alone, beating off attacks of an endless string of enemy tanks, or trying to defeat a friend in a tank duel. try this game
Flappy Crazy Bird 06-10-20 HTML5 page 6 Your job is easy - fly with the flappy color bird through the right color on the screen!  Be fast and have fun. try this game
Super Blocky Race 06-09-20 HTML5 page 6 Choose a car to race and get ready to drive fast in wicked heavy traffic.  Earn coins to buy new and upgraded cars! try this game
Touchdrawn 06-08-20 HTML5 page 6 Draw offensive lines so that the football player can score and win the game.  Can't get the ball by your opponents?  When necessary, your teammates can help you. try this game
Golf Blast 06-07-20 HTML5 page 6 Golf Blast is a competitive arcade challenge to navigate the randomly generated levels and score a hole-in-one!  Avoid the bunkers or use them to your advantage try this game
Hanger 2 06-06-20 HTML5 page 6 Hanger is back!  Swing like Spider-Man through the new levels!  Hanger is a ragdoll swinging game with awesome physics! try this game
Hexable 06-05-20 HTML5 page 6 Drag and drop the hexagon pieces onto empty slots.  Create full lines to eliminate the tiles.  What's your highest score? try this game 06-04-20 HTML5 page 6 Collect fish and treasures to buy fishing net upgrades to reach deeper depths.  Find more characters trapped in the sea and try to fill in your trophy room. try this game
Stick Tank Wars 2 06-03-20 HTML5 page 6 Command your tank and let’s save the world from evil forces!  Hold, swipe and release to shoot.  Make the right shot quickly or you’ll die!. try this game
Wordmeister 06-02-20 HTML5 page 6 Create words in the English dictionary to score points.  Drag and drop the tiles to form words.  Take advantage of bonus tiles such as double letter scores, triple word scores and more. try this game
Last Knight 06-01-20 HTML5 page 6 The last Knight in the world must fight with the monsters in order to protect the world. try this game
Lucky Looter 05-31-20 HTML5 page 6 Be quick and sneaky and grab tons of loots!  Watch out for the patrols and become the king of thieves! try this game
Go Up Dash 05-30-20 HTML5 page 6 Try to dash up to the top to complete each challenge. try this game
Stormy Kicker 05-29-20 HTML5 page 6 Who's the best football striker in the world?  You could be the one if you take your team to the World cup title.  It's simple - all you need to do is to tap at the right moment and kick the ball right into the net. try this game
AXE Throw 05-28-20 HTML5 page 6 Hey, lets throw some axes!  Destroy all the targets without depleting your supply of axes. try this game
Monster Busters 05-27-20 HTML5 page 6 Some mutant frogs have escaped from the zoo and it's up to you to clear them by connecting chains of frogs and monsters. try this game
Draw Park 05-26-20 HTML5 page 6 Draw lines to the correct parking space to park each car.  Gotta' be easy right, maybe not so much! try this game
Space Speed 2020 05-25-20 HTML5 page 6 Endless gameplay in a world containing stunning graphics.  It keeps you locked in the game with its immersive gameplay and progressing difficulties. try this game
Square Bird 05-24-20 HTML5 page 6 Square Bird is a side-scrolling 2D platform game.  Your bird will build a tower of square eggs to avoid danger whenever you click.  It's a simple and fun game! try this game
Parkourun 05-23-20 HTML5 page 6 Inspired by the principles of Parkour, where we live in a world without limits.  Run along rooftops, jump through windows, hang from ledges, and slide under giant water tanks.  Perform various cool parkour inspired tricks , but be careful not to fall. try this game
Silly Ways to Get Infected 05-22-20 HTML5 page 6 Silly Ways To Get Infected is a action-puzzle game where you must find and solve the situation you're in (stick to tips against coronovirus).  Staying safe! Stay home! try this game
Adam & Eve Go 05-21-20 HTML5 page 6 Control Adam on his journey to find Eve and their house.  Do not forget to bring Eve the red flower. try this game
Happy Hockey 05-20-20 HTML5 page 6 Happy to go out to play hockey, but there are a lot of people on the rink.  Channel your inner Wayne Gretzky and avoid those obstacles and people to tickle the twines. try this game
Johnny Revenge 05-19-20 HTML5 page 6 Do you have what it takes to take down the underground world of the mafia Less talk, more bullet. try this game
Racingmasters 05-18-20 HTML5 page 6 The new race is ready are you prepared?  Collect cars in your hangar, customize them with unique abilities and weapons and dominate all the tracks.  Collect coins to buy the upgrades and new cars.  Collect diamonds to buy new stuff and be the best racer in the league. try this game
Shoot Paint 05-17-20 HTML5 page 6 Tap to launch the balls to paint the walls, hold to launch faster, but avoid those moving parts. try this game
Serpent Marbles 05-16-20 HTML5 page 5 Show off your shooting skills with Serpent Marbles.  Help the snake correctly place the marbles in groups of three or more to remove them from the ever advancing flow. try this game
Knack Machine 05-15-20 HTML5 page 5 Knack Machine is an addictive online game which will test your skill and reflexes. try this game
Foosball Super Shooter 05-14-20 HTML5 page 5 Live the football fever and hit the ball as much as you can! try this game
Penguin Rescue Hero 05-13-20 HTML5 page 5 Pingu spent his childhood hooked to the TV show “Baywatch”, dreaming of someday becoming a famous lifeguard. try this game
Wrestle Jump Sumo Fever 05-12-20 HTML5 page 5 Just pushing your opponent out of the ring is for sissies.  Wanna' score?  Smash his head into the ground! try this game
Happy Wheels Racing 05-11-20 HTML5 page 5 Always wanted to drive those cool cars from your favorite movies?  Well here you go! try this game
Little Jump Guy 05-10-20 HTML5 page 5 This little guy doesn't look like much of an athlete but he can really scoot!  Guide him through all 32 levels if you can. try this game
Stud Rider 05-09-20 HTML5 page 5 Drive your rad bike as far as you can gathering fuel and avoiding accidents. try this game
Jewel Bubbles 05-08-20 HTML5 page 5 Swap adjacent bubbles to form horizontal or vertical chains of 3 or more of the same color.  Match 4 or 5 at once and you'll get Exploding Bubbles!  Meet the level goal and advance. try this game
Checkers 05-07-20 HTML5 page 5 Play against a pretty clever checkers AI or a two player version and try to win this classic board game!. try this game
FeeSoeeD 05-06-20 HTML5 page 5 Dive into the mysterious world of mystery and adventure and attemp to complete all the levels. try this game
Street Cricket 05-05-20 HTML5 page 5 Experience the nostalgia of cricket in your own gully with Street Cricket. 🏏 try this game
Blue Story 05-04-20 HTML5 page 5 Connect two blue blocks together to complete the level.  Don't drop the top blue block on the ground. try this game
Push the Squares 05-03-20 HTML5 page 5 The first 6 levels of this puzzler pretty much serve as a tutorial.  Then it gets interesting. 😕 try this game
Twenty 48 Solitaire 05-02-20 HTML5 page 5 Twenty 48 Solitaire is an addictive puzzle game that mixes mechanics of the classic solitaire game and popular 2048 game. try this game
Viking Brawl 05-01-20 HTML5 page 5 Viking Brawl is a fun platform battle game.  Choose a 2 player mode or play against the computer..  Use your sword to off your foe and send him to Valhalla! try this game
Stickman Pong 04-30-20 HTML5 page 5 Become a ping-pong champ!  Hey, you can with a little practice! try this game
Pinball Space Adventure 04-29-20 HTML5 page 5 Flick those flippers, keep the ball in play and see how high a score you can run up! try this game
Rolling Cat 04-28-20 HTML5 page 5 The Cat is on a roll.  Help him collect all the stars, grab the key, and get to the exit to advance. try this game
Kunai Throw 04-27-20 HTML5 page 5 Used as both a tool or a weapon the Kunai was much favored by Ninja for all its uses.  Your use is to toss it at the revolving circle without hitting any previous throw. try this game
Flying Dodo 04-26-20 HTML5 page 5 Fly the Dodo as far as you can collecting goodies as well as gas cans to power his jet backpack. try this game
Stan the Man 04-25-20 HTML5 page 5 It's up to Stan and his grenade launcher to off all the zombies before running out of ammo. try this game
Fast Food Lunch Shop 04-24-20 HTML5 page 5 Many apply, few are hired!  Show 'em you've got what it takes to make it in the fast food business. try this game
Room Escape Adventure 04-23-20 HTML5 page 5 Run, jump, gather stars and that all important key in order to make your way to the exit in this graphically minimalist but fun platformer. try this game
Snack Time 04-22-20 HTML5 page 5 Little Waldy the wild boar needs to make preprations for coming winter.  Move the acorns to the designated areas and pass 12 levels in this fun sokoban game. try this game
Mini Golf Kingdom 04-21-20 HTML5 page 5 Do you know what garden gnomes do when nobody's watching?  They are playing "Minigolf Kingdom"! Grab the golf club and join the gnomes throughout the 12 minigolf courses. try this game
JomJom Jump 04-20-20 HTML5 page 5 Dash from platform to platform in this endless jumping game.  How many sweet apples will JomJom eat, before he'll miss a platform and fall? try this game
Key & Shield 2 04-19-20 HTML5 page 5 The Gorlik Island is still not safe!  A curse is covering it with rocks while many of your friends are still locked in their cages.  Take your key and shield and traverse the island to unlock everyone! try this game
Key & Shield 04-18-20 HTML5 page 5 A lazy guardian angel has released you from your metal cage.  You've been granted the key and shield, which you'll use to traverse the island and free all your friends. try this game
Little Bouncy Guys 04-17-20 HTML5 page 5 The tribe of the little rubber guys got lost.  One bouncing fellow left - so help him get past 30 levels and reunite with his fellows. try this game
Drop Me! 04-16-20 HTML5 page 5 Help cute creatures climb into the tube!  Amazing graphics, nice audio, lovable characters and many challenging levels.  Have fun with Drop Me! try this game
PixZombies 04-15-20 HTML5 page 5 Pix Zombies is a Zombie Smasher type arcade game.  Smash all the zombies and save the world! try this game
Blow Fish 04-14-20 HTML5 page 5 Use your pearls to clear each level by destroying all the sea creatures.  If you receive 2 or 3 stars the next level will unlock.  Tap and hold your finger to aim, release to shoot the pearl.  Buy special features in the shop during the game! try this game
Pug Love 04-13-20 HTML5 page 5 Pug has lost his true love.  Help him find her by jumping on platforms, collecting cold coins and avoiding spikes.  Once you've cleared the level of coins head for the portal to get to the next level. try this game
Pirate Slots 04-12-20 HTML5 page 5 Pay out table shows winnings.  Increase winning chances by increasing numbers of winning lines from 1-5.  Increase pay outs by increasing the bet from 1-10 credits.  Collect chests and fortune wheels in any of the bet lines, to fill up the meter and get a chance at the mini games. try this game
Gemcrafter 04-11-20 HTML5 page 5 Join Jim Kraftwerk on his journey and get ready for some three-of-a-kind matching, precious stones crafting and treasure hunting action.  Do you have what it takes to become a true Gemcrafter? try this game
Dashing Birds 04-10-20 HTML5 page 5 Take control of two birds and dodge the missiles in this addictive arcade game.  Collect stars and unlock new birds! try this game
Save the Coal Miner 04-09-20 HTML5 page 5 Save The Coal Miner is puzzle game where you need to destroy boxes and other obstacles and to get miners on the ground. try this game
War Plane 04-08-20 HTML5 page 5 Take command of your P38 and sweep the skies of all the enemy planes. try this game
Cannon Shot 04-07-20 HTML5 page 5 Fill all the buckets with balls to complete a level.  Use your finger or mouse to move various objects to change the direction of the balls you shoot. try this game
Extreme Thumb War 04-06-20 HTML5 page 5 Pick one thumb character between more than twenty characters; and prove your skills against your friend or against the CPU! try this game
Loop Mania 04-05-20 HTML5 page 5 Loop Mania is an exciting single tap game that requires quick reflexes and faster decisions.  Race around the circle, collect coins, and leap from side to side to avoid or attack your enemies! try this game
Rombo 04-04-20 HTML5 page 5 When there's trouble who do call?  Rombo and the Special Task Force! try this game
Falling Monsters 04-03-20 HTML5 page 5 The monsters are rushing to the top!  Match the guy at the top with one of the on-rushing monsters to eliminate them.  If they reach their goal it's over. try this game
Mini Switcher 04-02-20 HTML5 page 5 Switch the powers of gravity to reach your goal in this challenging platformer. try this game
Zrist 04-01-20 HTML5 page 5 Fast paced endless runner.  Jump and Slide as far as you can at breakneck speed to see just how far you can travel. try this game
Bingo Royal 03-31-20 HTML5 page 5 Hey, it's Bingo Time!.  Play a leisurely game with a single card or test your Bingo prowess by choosing multiple cards. try this game
Elemental Magic 03-30-20 HTML5 page 5 Create complete both horizontal or vertical lines of blocks to advance to higher level. try this game
Jeep Ride 03-29-20 HTML5 page 5 Fun drive/balance game.  Make your way throught ever increasingly difficult levels keeping your vehicle upright. try this game
Combat Penguin 03-28-20 HTML5 page 5 The Penguin.'s home is under attact! Fight back an assortment of antarctic badguys.  Use the points you earn to upgrade to help withstand more difficult levels. try this game
Tank Arena 03-27-20 HTML5 page 5 It's search and destroy in this tank vs. tank combat game.  You'll need to move fast as the enemy are numerous and can attack from any direction. try this game
Words Family 03-26-20 HTML5 page 5 Put on your smart hat and fit the word fragements into the box to complete the words. try this game
Maserati GranTurismo 03-25-20 HTML5 page 5 Strap yourself in and get ready for a wild ride!  Hone your skill in the 5K race then test yourself against the big boys in longer trials. try this game
Arcade Darts 03-24-20 HTML5 page 5 Test your skill, you've got ten darts only so make 'em count. try this game
Amazing Sheriff 03-23-20 HTML5 page 5 Pin on your shiny sheriff's badge, load up your six-shooters, and get ready for some amazing action.  Take control of this high flying Sheriff on a wheel-spinning, bottle-breaking wild ride! Yee-haw! try this game
Candy Buff 03-22-20 HTML5 page 5 In Candy Buff you need to eat candy to get buff and refill your energy!  Collect bonuses and avoid mice, thorns and birds! try this game
Cat Named Soko 03-21-20 HTML5 page 5 It is time to restore order!  A little Cat named Soko wants to bring all balls to their correct position.  Will you help Soko to place the balls on the green box? try this game
Master Solitaire 03-20-20 HTML5 page 5 Three most popular Solitaire card games in one!  Any time you're bored and could use some concentration relax, just play your favorite card puzzle. try this game
The World of Bob 03-19-20 HTML5 page 5 Enter now into The World of Bob, there are 5 games in one game!  Collect coins, unlock missions and spend your money in the store! try this game
Jewel Explode 03-18-20 HTML5 page 5 The classic match 3 game with a fun new twist.  Test your tactical skills in turn based mode with many funny variations.  Challenge yourself to complete all the levels and get the highest score!! try this game
Penguin Bounce 03-17-20 HTML5 page 5 Launch a penguin as far as you can!  Fly fast, bounce high, brilliantly escape obstacles in all locations!  Upgrade using the gold and diamonds you collect. try this game
Minecaves Lost in Space 03-16-20 HTML5 page 5 Help Steve to escape from the dark caves and monsters..  Collect diamonds and stars to open the doors, but watch out, this place is darngerous, enemies, traps, rivers, spikes are waiting for you. try this game
Phase 10 03-15-20 HTML5 page 5 Finish a Phase in the newest rummy inspired game from the creators of UNO! try this game
Train Snake 03-14-20 HTML5 page 5 Drive your train to pick up all the passengers and deliver them to your destination! try this game
Killer Assassin 03-13-20 HTML5 page 5 They say never bring a knife to a gun fight.  Unfortunately thats all you have.  Use your skills of stealth and avoidance to take out the enemy. try this game
Adam & Eve 7 03-12-20 HTML5 page 5 Adam and Eve are back for another adventure in this fun series. try this game
Gummy Blocks Evolution 03-11-20 HTML5 page 5 Drag the blocks into the grid to fill and clear columns.  The game ends when you don't have space to put tiles into the board. try this game
Magic Match 03-10-20 HTML5 page 5 Many, many levels in this enjoyable match 'em game.  How many can you complete? try this game
Thank You Santa 03-09-20 HTML5 page 5 Help Santa toss presents to the children.  That is if you can avoid those evil little Imps! try this game
Common Feature 03-08-20 HTML5 page 5 Place the available game pieces on the board in the correct positions according to their common feature.  Nifty little puzzler game! try this game
Rummy 03-07-20 HTML5 page 5 Hey, let's play a nice game of Rummy! try this game
Penalty Shooters 03-06-20 HTML5 page 5 Two men, one ball and one goal - to win the penalty shootout warfare.  Can you stand the pressure of the full stadium and win the cup in this exciting game?  Pick one of 32 teams and win glory on the pitch! try this game
Santa Run 03-05-20 HTML5 page 5 Make Santa run as far as possible and give out presents as he goes. try this game
Pick a Lock 03-04-20 HTML5 page 5 Challenge your reflexes and concentration in this exciting lock-popping game!  Pop all the locks and be the best! try this game
Jumpy Ape Joe 03-03-20 HTML5 page 5 Help jumpy ape Joe collect all the bananas and go to the exit in this cute platform game.  Be as fast as possible to get as much as three stars per level. try this game
Catch the Apple 2 03-02-20 HTML5 page 5 Everyone knows that hedgehogs don’t normally eat apples, but our super hero does!  Play Catch the Apple 2 and remember, an apple a day keeps a doctor away! try this game
Snakes & Ladders 03-01-20 HTML5 page 5 Snakes and Ladders is a 2 player ancient Indian roll and move game.  100 squares full of traps and tricks...  Ladders will help you reach the top, but watch out for the snakes!  The first player to reach the very last square wins. try this game
Timber Guy 02-29-20 HTML5 page 5 Show off your woodcutting skills by cutting as much wood as you can.  Be quick and avoid approaching branches!  Unlock some pretty unique characters and sharpen your axe and swing it as fast as woodpecker! try this game
Bread Pit 2 02-28-20 HTML5 page 5 In this funny little game you will have to help a piece of bread become a fragrant crispy toast.  There will be traps to avoid: forks and knives sticking out. try this game
Donutosaur 2 02-27-20 HTML5 page 5 Help Donutosaur get his donut!  Collect candies by changing the shape of Donutosaur and switching the direction of gravity.  Donutosaur's friends will be of great help - they can push, pull and destroy objects. try this game
Bread Pit 02-26-20 HTML5 page 5 The little piece of bread aspires to become something greater, a crunchy delicious piece of toast!.  There will be traps to avoid: forks and knives sticking out. try this game
Donutosaur 02-25-20 HTML5 page 5 Feed the hungry adorable monster named Donutosaur.  He likes candies but the thing he likes the most is a sweet yummy Donut! try this game
Piggy in the Puddle 3 02-24-20 HTML5 page 5 This piggy loves to take a mud bath in a cool smelly puddle just like we love a fragrant relaxing bath. try this game
Shadow Boy Adventures 02-23-20 HTML5 page 5 Shadow Boy is off on a great adventure.  Your mission is to run as Shadow Boy and keep him safe avoiding all the animals, plants and traps! try this game
That Level Again 2 02-22-20 HTML5 page 5 You're trapped in a house.  Hey, there's a key!  Use it to get out of that room.  Great, the room looks like the last one and now I can't find the key! try this game
Car vs. Cops 02-21-20 HTML5 page 5 Evade the pursuit of the cars behind you, including the police car, truck, and motorbike, and use your driving skills to let the chasers hit each other and survive this thing! try this game
Jump Ninja Hero 02-20-20 HTML5 page 5 The little ninja is trapped in a dangerous forest and needs to escape.  Help him avoid those dangerous darts.  If you are shot by them it's restart time.  How long time you can survive? try this game
Paper Toss 02-19-20 HTML5 page 5 The Boss is in a meeting, what better to do than to goof off 😎 try this game
Cliff Diving 02-18-20 HTML5 page 5 Click and hold to sway, release to jump at the perfect angle, adjust your hero's posture or flip in the air until getting a perfect entrance. try this game
Angry Cat Shot 02-17-20 HTML5 page 5 Send Angry Cat through the hoops to collect all the stars to pass each level. try this game
DD Release 02-16-20 HTML5 page 5 Fire your arrow and destroy the word description on each level before time runs out. try this game
Air Fight 02-15-20 HTML5 page 5 Have you got what it takes to become an Ace?  Take to the air and show your ability. try this game
Two Squares 02-14-20 HTML5 page 5 These two squares were separated from each other and the only thing they want to do is meet again. try this game
Slotcar Racing 02-13-20 HTML5 page 5 Multiple tracks and difficulty levels with one and two options!  Off the track?  Don't worry the auto corner marshall feature will get you up and running again. try this game
Whack 'em All 02-12-20 HTML5 page 5 What could provide more stress relief than whacking some moles : ) try this game
Clever Frog 02-11-20 HTML5 page 5 The challenging part of Clever Frog is that you have to jump on all the leaves but only by jumping forward, left and right and there is no way to jump back at all. try this game
Tractor Trail 02-10-20 HTML5 page 5 Drive a tractor and get ready for a crazy off-road race.  Try to pass all obstacles and traps while keeping the tractor balanced. try this game
Vintage Car Slide 02-09-20 HTML5 page 5 Play this slide puzzle game with vintage cars.  It includes 3 images and 3 levels of diffeculty.. try this game
Ninja Runner 02-08-20 HTML5 page 5 Ninja Runner is a side scrolling auto runner game, tap to jump and avoid the bombs.  Collect coins in the street and go to finish, pause the game with the space bar or the button. try this game
Brain Teaser 02-07-20 HTML5 page 5 Brain Teaser evaluates your logical thinking ability, reflexes, accuracy, memory and creativity.  Do not answer the questions in the ordinary way if you don’t want to be tricked. try this game
Dig It 02-06-20 HTML5 page 5 Use your fingers to dig a hole and guide the ball to it's destination.  Easy?  Well for a while :) try this game
Cannon Man 02-05-20 HTML5 page 5 Release Cannon Man at a right time to reach the opposite cannon that moves randomly.  Collect money and buy new Cannon Guys in the game shop! try this game
Maya Adventure 02-04-20 HTML5 page 5 The adventurer friends continue their adventure with the Maya civilization,  You can finish 16 levels by collaborating with your friend and using ancient weapons. try this game
Micro Tank Wars 02-03-20 HTML5 page 5 You can play Micro Tank Wars game against AI or your friends on 2 Player mode.  Try to destroy enemy tanks on 15 uniquely designed platforms through precise shots. try this game
Kitty Adventure 02-02-20 HTML5 page 5 Help the kitty get back to her home.  Complete the challenging levels and collect all jewels.  Good Luck try this game
Shift Run 02-01-20 HTML5 page 5 Adjust your skates to avoid obstacles as you try to navigate each increasingly difficult level. try this game
Bomb Balls 3D 01-31-20 HTML5 page 5 Use your cannon to destroy the entire structure with your limited ammo. try this game
Ruine Tower 01-30-20 HTML5 page 5 It's chopping time!  Whale away at the tower destroying levels and collecting coins. try this game
Run Away 01-29-20 HTML5 page 5 Run, jump and make your way to the ext.  Above all avoid the nasty stuff that will end your journey. try this game
Box Adventure 01-28-20 HTML5 page 5 Bounce from platform to platform and make your way to the exit.  Be quick about it as those platforms have a bad habit of dissolving pretty quickly! try this game
Divide 01-27-20 HTML5 page 5 Put on your thinking cap and divide the object on the screen into the required number of segments.  Easy, right, well you only have a certain number of moves to do so. try this game
Iron Boy 01-26-20 HTML5 page 5 Activate the magnets to lift Iron Boy ever higher.  Beware though, avoid those mines! try this game
Ski Slalom 3D 01-25-20 HTML5 page 5 Pick your skier (male or female) and take to the slopes and show your stuff! try this game
Hold Position 3 01-24-20 HTML5 page 5 Hold your position!  You're under relentless attack, how long can you survive? try this game
Pac Rat 01-23-20 HTML5 page 5 Neat adaptation of PacMan with nice graphics, sound and one of the few with responsive controls! try this game
Rolling Cheese 01-22-20 HTML5 page 5 Get that cheese to the mouse!  Word is it's his favorite food.  Grab as many strawberries as you can, It'll multiply your score. try this game
Flying Cat 01-21-20 HTML5 page 5 Launch your intrepid cat into the sky gathering coins (your fuel) and jewels which can be used to purchase upgrades and reach greater heights. try this game
SokoBoom 01-20-20 HTML5 page 5 Place all the crates in the correct positions to open the exit to the next and more difficult level. try this game
Surf Riders 01-19-20 HTML5 page 5 Show your surfing skills, collect coins and buy new characters and challenges. try this game
Crocodile Millionaire 01-18-20 HTML5 page 5 Only a fool would try this carnival game.  But heh, you have a mechanical hand to grab those prizes in the Crocs' mouth. try this game
Emerald & Amber 01-17-20 HTML5 page 5 Emerald and Amber belong together.  Use your skill to make it happen. try this game
Mini Push 01-16-20 HTML5 page 5 Yet another fun and addictive pixel game courtesy of try this game
Mini Blocks 01-15-20 HTML5 page 5 Fun pixel bump, run and jump game with two play uptions. try this game
Mini Colors 01-14-20 HTML5 page 5 Reunite your little block hero with his true love.  Use your ability to reverse the power of gravity to accomplish that. try this game
Perfect Fall 01-13-20 HTML5 page 5 Drop the ball into the hoop.  Easier said than done! try this game
Sniper Mission 01-12-20 HTML5 page 5 You are a sniper, your task is to free the hostages.  Each mission has a certain degree of difficulty and time limits.  Wind direction and strength will affect the accuracy of you shot.  If you shoot a hostage or time runs out then your mission will fail. try this game
Microbes 01-11-20 HTML5 page 5 This is a funny HTML game.  You need to tap a suitable Microbe to divide and eliminate all Microbes.  Avoid monsters.  Enjoy! try this game
Crazy Jump 01-10-20 HTML5 page 5 Jump from platform to platform and avoid enemies in your path.  Mouse click or touch to control. try this game
Ninja Rise Up 01-09-20 HTML5 page 5 Jump level by level, try to collect as many coins as you can as they can be used to unlock new characters. try this game
Floors Online 01-08-20 HTML5 page 5 This is challenging game of agility and response.   Your hero will not only randomly appear on any runway, but also obstacles appear in a different position each floor. try this game
Stickman Archer 4 01-07-20 HTML5 page 5 After previous three shooting games' experience, our stickman has became more and more skilled.  He'll need it to survive as his opponents have also. try this game
Greedy Rabbit 01-06-20 HTML5 page 5 Help the Rabbit find and eat all the vegetables, grab some stars while avoiding dangers and make your way to the next level. try this game
Paint HIt 01-05-20 HTML5 page 5 Fire your paint balls at the rotating circle.  Use them all up without painting over previously painted sections to advance. try this game
Mad Boy Adventures 01-04-20 HTML5 page 5 Mad Boy is a challenging 2D side-scroller game in the style of Mario games. try this game
Ninja Clan 01-03-20 HTML5 page 5 Show your Ninja skills by capturing fruit while avoiding those nasty weapons. try this game
Run Around Online 01-02-20 HTML5 page 5 The busy stickman opens his busy cycle of life again, lifts his briefcase and rushes to the next goal!  Run crazily in the circle, avoiding obstacles carefully, and passing through the whole circle. try this game
Tap Sketers Online 01-01-20 HTML5 page 5 Step on your skateboard, start your journey, challenge your eyesight and hand speed, quickly descend to the next level. try this game
Adventure of Green Kid 12-31-19 HTML5 page 5 Travel thru platforms full of dangers jumping from one mound to another.  Collect diamonds, kill monsters, avoid both spikes, axes and reach the end of each of the challenging levels. try this game
Wheelie Bike 2 12-30-19 HTML5 page 5 Wheelie bike2 is fun addictive casual game. Balance the bike on one wheel as far as you can. try this game
5Dice Duel 12-29-19 HTML5 page 5 Throw and sort the 5 dice in this popular classic Yahtzee game.  The objective is to get as many points as possible by rolling five dice and getting certain combinations. try this game
Nova Defender 12-28-19 HTML5 page 5 Waves of aliens are attacking your base.  It's time for war! try this game
Super Onion Boy 12-27-19 HTML5 page 5 Super Onion Boy's girlfriend just got snatched away!  Save her in this Mario style adventure. try this game
Jewel Pets Match 12-26-19 HTML5 page 5 Jewel Pets Match is an enjoyable matching game with 100 increasingly difficult levels. try this game
Jetpack Santa 12-25-19 HTML5 page 5 Santa's gone high tech!  Help him collect presents using his jetpack. try this game
Adam & Eve Snow 12-24-19 HTML5 page 5 Eve sends Adam out to get a Christmas tree in this fun point and click adventure. try this game
Ranger vs. Zombies 12-23-19 HTML5 page 5 You've got your blaster and jetpack and a town full of Zombies, how long can you avoid being someones lunch? try this game
Basket Swooshes 12-22-19 HTML5 page 5 Make your way to the world championships shooting hoops. try this game
Hell Trap 12-21-19 HTML5 page 5 Heard the expression "like a bat out of hell"?  Unfortunately this bat can't get out, only survive. try this game
Zombie Shooter 12-20-19 HTML5 page 5 Let's take out some Zombies!  Your shots are limited so aim is all important. try this game
Jump Bot 12-19-19 HTML5 page 5 Test everything you know about jumping robots with Jump Bot! try this game
Boxes Barrels & Etc. 12-18-19 HTML5 page 5 Build the highest box tower you can in this fun online game. try this game
Foosball Super Shooter 12-17-19 HTML5 page 5 Live the football fever and hit the ball as often as you can and score some GOALS! try this game
Wargames Space Dementia 12-16-19 HTML5 page 5 Get ready for an intense space shootin', mouse clickin' game sure to fulfill your urge to blow stuff up. try this game
Runaway Ruins 12-15-19 HTML5 page 5 Not even Indiana Jones or Lara Croft in their most treacherous adventures have ever faced the dangers and threats that await you. try this game
Fireman Fooster 12-14-19 HTML5 page 5 You need to be fleet of foot to stay ahead of the inferno out to get you. try this game
Dailly Word Search 12-13-19 HTML5 page 4 Like Wordsearch games?  This one's updated daily with three puzzle size options.  So grab a cup of coffee or tea and give it a go! try this game
Crosswords 2 12-12-19 HTML5 page 4 Complete the crossword puzzle.  Select an empty spot and select the correct letter for that spot. try this game
Candy Era 12-11-19 HTML5 page 4 Click on a group of 3 or more of the same items to remove them.  Remove as many items as indicated to advance to the next level. try this game
Fishing Trip 12-10-19 HTML5 page 4 Collect fish, treasures, and of course the gold to advance to the next level before time runs out. try this game
Birds Kyodai 12-09-19 HTML5 page 4 Connect two of the same items with a path of no more than two 90 degree angles.  Can you complete all 70 levels? try this game
2048 City 12-08-19 HTML5 page 4 Move the tiles up,down,left and right.  Combine two adjacent tiles to make them grow in an attempt to reach the indicate goal. try this game
Mouse Connection 12-07-19 HTML5 page 4 Connect the items in the correct indicated order.  Match the exact pattern on the left by connecting items horizontally or vertically. try this game
Emoji Pairs 12-06-19 HTML5 page 4 How's your memory?  There are 40 levels to test that! try this game
Merge It 12-05-19 HTML5 page 4 Combine a group of two or more of the same numbers into a bigger number and reach the indicated goal. try this game
Catch the Thief 12-04-19 HTML5 page 4 Catch all the thieves using your acrobatic skills and trusty freeze gun. try this game
Dailly Maze 12-03-19 HTML5 page 4 Start every day with a new maze solving puzzle!  Three different levels of difficulty to test you. try this game
Sword Hit 12-02-19 HTML5 page 4 Toss your sword at the revolving target, destroy bombs and avoid hitting another sword. try this game
Huge Spider Solitaire 12-01-19 HTML5 page 4 Time for a relaxing game of Spider Solitaire. try this game
Daily Crossword 11-30-19 HTML5 page 4 Like Crossword Puzzles?  Here's one for you that's updated daily.  You can even print it out if you desire! try this game
Search the Sands 11-29-19 HTML5 page 4 Enjoyable 25 level word search game.  How many levels can you complete within the time limit? try this game
Airport Management 3 11-28-19 HTML5 page 4 Are you ready for your new job as an air traffic controller?  Guide all the aircraft safely to a happy landing : ) try this game
Crushed Tiles 11-27-19 HTML5 page 4 Enjoyable block breaker with multiple objectives and increasing difficulty with each level. try this game
Train Switch 11-26-19 HTML5 page 4 Who the H*** arranged the trains?  Put them all in order to straighten out the rail yard. try this game
Fruit Chef 11-25-19 HTML5 page 4 Slice fruits by swiping from the bottom and up.  Avoid bad objects.  Upgrade your knife to increase your performance.  When you are skilled, you will get special orders. try this game
Speed Maniac 11-24-19 HTML5 page 4 Satisfy your thirst for adrenaline in challenging races and use your need for speed to play a hot drag racing game. try this game
Magikmon 11-23-19 HTML5 page 4 Magikmon is an awesome RPG game in which you must capture different types of monsters.  The magical world you live in is packed full with weird and wonderful monsters.  You can use them to battle!  Enjoy it! try this game
Amazing Sheriff 11-22-19 HTML5 page 4 Pin on your shiny sheriff's badge, load up your six-shooters, and get ready for some amazing action.  Take control of this high flying Sheriff on a wheel-spinning, bottle-breaking wild ride!  Yee-haw! try this game
Pomme Pomme 11-21-19 HTML5 page 4 Bounce the fruit on the trampoline and get them safely to the juicer.  To boost your score, build up crazy multipliers, evade bombs and discover new juicy vistas! try this game
Candy Buff 11-20-19 HTML5 page 4 In Candy Buff you need to eat candy to get buff and to refill your energy!  Collect bonuses and avoid mice, thorns and birds! try this game
Dangerous Rescue 11-19-19 HTML5 page 4 Complete the Copter rescue and return to base to advance to the next more difficult mission. try this game
Crazy Potion 11-18-19 HTML5 page 4 Make and find combinations to create new potions, extend your playtime and set the new highscore in Crazy Potion! try this game
Las Vegas Blackjack 11-17-19 HTML5 page 4 What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  Make sure what stays insn't your money : ) try this game
Chess 11-16-19 HTML5 page 4 Brush up on your chess game play with single and two player options. try this game
Sweet Candy Mania 11-15-19 HTML5 page 4 How fast can you match up all of this delicious candy?  Find out once you take control of the marvelous machine in this bubble shooter game. try this game
Ninja Run 11-14-19 HTML5 page 4 Use all your Ninja speed and agility to collect as much gold as possible while avoiding the dangers along the way. try this game
Dracula & Company 11-13-19 HTML5 page 4 Once upon a time a little village, full of uncontrollable human people, decide to give a final assault to the most iconic monsters of all time : Dracula, Frankenstein, werewolf and the mummy.  Make those puny humans pay! try this game
Gun Spin 11-12-19 HTML5 page 4 Shoot your weapon and use its recoil momentum to get as far as possible before running out of ammo! try this game
Banana Poker 11-11-19 HTML5 page 4 Forget about unexpressive and mechanical rivals.  Play some poker with some pretty odd and outrageous players. try this game
Adam & Eve 5 Part1 11-10-19 HTML5 page 4 Help Adam to find his true love, once again ;) try this game
Clash of Orcs 11-09-19 HTML5 page 4 Clash of Orcs is real time strategy units deployment game.  The objective is to destroy the opponents base by strategically deploying your orcs. try this game
Adam & Eve Astronaut 11-08-19 HTML5 page 4 Help Adam to fly away in a spaceship. try this game
Tap the Frog Doodle 11-07-19 HTML5 page 4 Tap the Frog Doodle features hours of gameplay, diverse mini-games filled with light-hearted humor and achievements to keep you coming back for more. try this game
7X7 Ultimate 11-06-19 HTML5 page 4 Can you master the 7x7 board?  Form lines so that you don't let the colorful tiles fill the whole thing!  Build combos for score, but don't wait for too long – things can get messed up quickly, so concentrate! try this game
Beach Bowling 3D 11-05-19 HTML5 page 4 Beach Bowling 3D is a game where you can test your bowling skills on summer beach in gorgeous 3D.  Defeat opponents in hundreds of levels. try this game
The Spirits of Kelly Family 11-04-19 HTML5 page 4 What the hell has happened to the Kelley family?  It seems that their souls have been trapped in four mysterious crystals inside an old mansion.  Luckily you came to free them! Solve all puzzles to retrieve the Elemental Crystals and finally release their souls! try this game
Target Tap Deluxe 11-03-19 HTML5 page 4 Target Tap Deluxe:  As the circle rotates, you aim to hit the target.  Simple?  Well how many in a row can you get? try this game
Klondike Solitaire 11-02-19 HTML5 page 4 Enjoy this stylish version of the classic Klondike Solitaire! try this game
Smart Numbers 11-01-19 HTML5 page 4 Addictive numbers puzzler.  Slide those numbers, make pairs, and keep the board from filling up. try this game
Space Bubbles 10-31-19 HTML5 page 4 It's bubble shootin' time.  Clear the board of falling, shifting bubbles before thay reach the bottom. try this game
Happy Alien Jump 10-30-19 HTML5 page 4 Harry the Alien is just a jumpin' fool.  Just how high is up to you!  Multiple stages to test you. try this game
Feed Bobo 10-29-19 HTML5 page 4 Bobo loves sweets and he finds himself in a very ritzy patisserie with a steady supply of tasty treats!  How many can he eat befor time runs out. try this game
Angry Chicken 10-28-19 HTML5 page 4 Use your basket to catch the eggs the angry chicken is dropping from the perch of the coop.  The bombs, don't catch those ;) try this game
3 Mice 10-27-19 HTML5 page 4 Help the three mice descend through a labyrinth filled with dangers.  The game will continue as long as all three of them survive their journey. try this game
Froggee 10-26-19 HTML5 page 4 Froggee is here!  Tap and jump to reach as high as possible.  Collect stars and eat flies for points.  Avoid dangerous animals and plants, jump into a bubble to fly! try this game
Bug Match 10-25-19 HTML5 page 4 Swap any bug with its vertical or horizontal neighbour to form a row of 3 or more matching bugs.  Matching a row of bugs lights up the tiles beneath them.  Light all the tiles in the grid to win the round and move on to the next level!  The best scores will make it onto the high score table. try this game
Mini Putt Gem Garden 10-24-19 HTML5 page 4 It's a mini-putt adventure in two parts encompassing 18 levels across 2 themed courses. try this game