Magnet'r'on (pronouced mag-neh-tron) is a puzzle game consisting of many metal boxes and three electro-magnets. The idea is to remove the boxes from the scene in sequence, using only the magnets to move the boxes about the playing area.

This game was originally written on an Amstrad computer in 1993 and was converted by the author (noted below & in script notice) to Javascript in March 1997, to allow surfers of the 'net to play the most un-tetris puzzle game that is based around blocks!

How To play

  1. Selecting a game
    To select a puzzle, choose a number from the pull down menu. Each puzzle has a 'trick' to it. The higher the game number the more difficult the trick should be to spot.
    To begin playing or to watch the demo game, click on PLAY.

  2. The objective
    The aim of the game is to remove the marked boxes (in the sequence shown) from the playing area in as few moves as possible. A move is counted as the switching on/off of a magnet - not the movement of a magnet.
    To remove a box you need to pull it up, out the the playing area with the over-head magnet and move it to either side of the screen.

  3. Using the magnets
    To move the boxes around the playing area you need to operate the magnets.
    You have three magnets at your disposal.

That's it !
All you need to do now is play, good luck.

Playing time : Moves taken :

Sequence :

1997, 1998 Stephen Battey
Magnetron 1993 Stephen Battey
modified for WebTV/MSNTV 2001

Play the original!

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