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A recap of the most recent game additions to
Novel Asteroids 10-14-21 HTML5 page 8 Can you survive the destruction by dangerous asteroids and enemy spacecraft out to destroy you? try this game
Impulse 10-13-21 HTML5 page 8 Impulse is a game with cute graphics but with great difficulty.  Your objective is to apply a boost to the player so that he is on the above platform but without colliding with thorns that are right above, it seems easy but it is super difficult try this game
Shot Shot 10-12-21 HTML5 page 8 Shot Shot brings the most popular street basketball machine to you.  Tap as fast and accurate as you can in limited time to make a high score. try this game
Army Sniper 10-11-21 HTML5 page 8 Army Sniper is a fun 2D sniper game with amazing graphics and fun gameplay.  You have to terminate your enemies by using a sniper weapon. try this game
The Cargo 10-10-21 HTML5 page 8 Control the crane to load the truck with cargo and then deliver the cargo to the destination warehouse.  Complete the job quickly to unlock achievements and earn money for truck upgrades. try this game
Just Golf 10-09-21 HTML5 page 8 Just Golf combines minimalism with puzzle features in 210 holes.  The plays are unlimited and you'll have guided aim to facilitate your shots.  Use your skill to try to collect all 3 stars in each level! try this game
Mini Blocks 10-08-21 HTML5 page 8 ou control a small blob character with the power to turn on or off elements on the level.  Use that power wisely to reach the goal to the next stage! try this game
aa 10-07-21 HTML5 page 8 A classic test of you timing as you try to fire the required number of pins into the rotating pin cuchion while avoiding any of those already present there. try this game
Playful Kitty 10-06-21 HTML5 page 8 The Kitty wants to play.  Remove the breakable objects to guide the wool ball to the cat. try this game
Fast or Fried 10-05-21 HTML5 page 8 You've escaped the Chef, but for how long.  Better be fast or you'll end up fried. try this game
Spring Panda 10-04-21 HTML5 page 8 Help the Panda spring from one pylon to the next.  How many successful jumps can you make? try this game
Beer Rush 10-03-21 HTML5 page 8 Keep that beer flowing!  Serve all the customers at the different stations and don't forget to collect those empties! try this game
Christmas Furious 10-02-21 HTML5 page 8 Help Santa and his reindeer collect the gifts for Christmas day. try this game
Axe Master 10-01-21 HTML5 page 8 Axe Master is a simple click & smash casual game.  Tap the screen to throw your axe , trying to hit the target you aim at.  Beware of the bomb target, hit them andyou will lose the game! try this game
Interstellar Run 09-30-21 HTML5 page 8 A most epic space endless runner.  Move, rotate the platform and jump to avoid falling into the holes.  Don't get zapped by the lasers.  Keep running and exploring this beautiful space tunnel try this game
LinQuest 09-29-21 HTML5 page 8 LinQuest is a 2D platformer game where you have the mission to help adventurer Lin to search for a mysterious treasure in 3 different dangerous zones. try this game
Impostor Sky Ski 09-28-21 HTML5 page 8 IMPOSTOR SKY SKI is an arcade game where you have to ski down the mountain to complete each level.  The more distance you go the more the difficulty increases and you have to be more careful. try this game
Warrior Orc 09-27-21 HTML5 page 8 You are an orc trying to survive in an 8bit world and jungle full of monsters and must pass all the levels and reach your own world! try this game
Zero Squares 09-26-21 HTML5 page 8 Zero Squares is a minimalistic & relaxing puzzle game.  Make the right moves to destroy all colorful squares and unlock the next challenge! try this game
Pigeons Pigeons 09-25-21 HTML5 page 8 Everybody knows that pigeons (sometimes referred to by some as rats with wings :) are the greatest menace to the safety of the humankind.  Take the shotgun and free the world from the most nasty creature that has ever existed! try this game
Arkadium's Codeword 09-24-21 HTML5 page 8 All alphabetical letters make one or more appearance in the grid and are represented by the exact same number wherever they appear throughout the grid.  To help you get started, a few letters are revealed before the game starts try this game
Rowing 2 Sculls 09-23-21 HTML5 page 8 Choose your favourite team among the 6 available and beat all the others along the 12 races available.  Make perfect rowing strokes to not be overtaken by your opponents and finish first. try this game
Helicopter Rescue 09-22-21 HTML5 page 8 30 levels to test your chopper flying skills as you try to rescue stranded people. try this game
Two Aliens Adventure 09-21-21 HTML5 page 8 Control two aliens, at the same time, escape the dangers and try to grab all gems to unlock the next challenge. try this game
Infinite Stairs 09-20-21 HTML5 page 8 How high can you climb those stairs?  Controls are pretty simple, can you keep track of what your next move should be? try this game
Ninja Dragon 09-19-21 HTML5 page 8 Help the Ninja climb higher and higher in the castle while avoiding the Dragon and his evil minions. try this game
Fun with Squirrels 09-18-21 HTML5 page 8 It's a race against time for the squirrels to collect Acorns.  Jump from tree top to tree top and avoid falling in the gaps. try this game
Cricket Hero 09-17-21 HTML5 page 8 Take to the pitch and become a Cricket Hero. try this game
Pool Mania 09-16-21 HTML5 page 8 Chalk up your cue and give this multi-level pool challenge a go! try this game
Farm Hero 09-15-21 HTML5 page 8 Arrange the farm animals in the exact formation shown at the beginning of each level.  Hope you have a good memory because you're on the clock! try this game
Birds vs. Blocks 09-14-21 HTML5 page 8 Birds vs Blocks is a great reaction distance game for fast thinkers.  Control a snake made of a number of birds, trying to bust the blocks with a value less than your bird-snake. try this game
City Rush Run 09-13-21 HTML5 page 8 Run as fast as you can.  Collect the coins to upgrade all the properties to get endless powers.  How far can you run? try this game
Mine Rope Rescue 09-12-21 HTML5 page 8 Inadvertently 3 little characters from the famous minecraft game were trapped on a very high hill and the only help they have is a rope and your agility to solve puzzles and get them to safety! try this game
Skate Rush Challenge 09-11-21 HTML5 page 8 Kick decided to turn the corridors of his school into a real skating rink and is convinced that he will be the best with skateboarding and will reach the goal of each of the levels. try this game
Jewel Miner 09-10-21 HTML5 page 8 Jewel Miner is a simple and fun clicker game.  Select 2 or more jewels with the same color and match them.  The more jewels you matching in a single tap – the more points you earn for every jewel. try this game
Galactic Sniper 09-09-21 HTML5 page 8 Galactic Sniper is a fun 2D sniper game with amazing sci-fi graphics and fun gameplay.  There are 30 fun levels of sci-fi galactic gameplay. try this game
Escape Kid 09-08-21 HTML5 page 8 This is an interesting and very challenging puzzle game.  Overcome all dangers and traps along the way, use your firepower to activate the gate and escape as fast as possible to the next level. try this game
Dr.Octopus Darkling 09-07-21 HTML5 page 8 Doctor octopus needs to get out of the forest of darkness.  It may be dark everywhere, but you can make it.  Be careful, poison water is everywhere! try this game
Super Phantom Rabbit 09-05-21 HTML5 page 8 A cool and handsome rabbit who thinks he has superpowers must reach the guards at the end of the episode and join the guardian army in the last episode.  He must protect his life and his forest. try this game
Super Peaman World 09-04-21 HTML5 page 8 Go on adventures in different worlds with Super Peaman.  Collect peanuts, gold and fight enemies.  Throw peanuts at enemies or jump on their heads to destroy them.  Achieve victory by completing 32 levels in 3 different Worlds. try this game
Chicken Climbing 09-03-21 HTML5 page 8 Chicken Climbing is an action and arcade game, very easy to grasp for everyone.  How many times can you jump to a higher level without hitting angry chickens, danger spikes or fast missiles ? try this game
Emerald & Amber 09-02-21 HTML5 page 8 Emerald and Amber is a platform game where you have to get stuck to solid surfaces to reach your loved one.  Inspired by some classics of the NES era with retro-style graphics and mechanics. try this game
Red Square Adventure 09-01-21 HTML5 page 8 Welcome to the adventurous life of a cute red square.  The red square has to pass the levels one by one and it needs your help. try this game
Rally Point 3 08-31-21 HTML5 page 8 Offroad racing with the fastest cars - equipped with unlimited nitro.  Can you finish in time to unlock new cars and tracks? try this game
Bridge 08-30-21 HTML5 page 8 It's not always easy to get your friends together for a game of Bridge these days.  Thankfully, now you can play Bridge any time you want with this meticulously crafted online version! try this game
Wings Rush 2 08-29-21 HTML5 page 8 Wings the Bird and his friends are back in a brand-new runner.  Play as Birdy as you dash, jump and spin your way across stunning 2D environments, jump across many obstacles and complete the levels. try this game
OVO 08-28-21 HTML5 page 8 A fast paced skill based platforming game focused on maneuvering around the levels as fast as possible. try this game
Mountain Man Climbing 08-27-21 HTML5 page 8 In Mountain Man Climbing game you need to jump thru hills and collect watches to get same extra time.  Jump two hills with one jump, or one hill at a time. try this game
Stealth Hunter 08-26-21 HTML5 page 8 You are a stealth hunter, a ghost who is never seen by the public or its target. You have entered a world in which enemy operate under the radar, sneak behind enemy guards and knock them all out! try this game
Wizard vs. Orcs 08-25-21 HTML5 page 8 That's one powerful staff the Wizard has!  He'll need it (and your aim) to off all the Orcs. try this game
Pixel Cat Mahjong 08-24-21 HTML5 page 8 Find the connectable tiles and remove them from the board.  Running out of moves?  Re-rhuffle the board.  You're on a timer, so hurry up! try this game
Star Battles 08-23-21 HTML5 page 8 Complete a target number of revolutions around the planet to safely escape orbit and continue on your journey. try this game
Match Candy 08-22-21 HTML5 page 8 Stitch together 3 or more adjoining candies to remove them from the board.  Once you meet your goal advance to the next level. try this game
Ball Sort Puzzle 08-21-21 HTML5 page 8 Sort the balls by their color.  When moving them a colored ball can only be placed atop one of the same color. try this game
Climb Hero 08-20-21 HTML5 page 8 Hey, it's time to show off your rock-climbing skills. try this game
Kingdom of Ninja 7 08-19-21 HTML5 page 8 The most extreme challenges and the most extreme levels are waiting for you in kingdom of ninja 7.  Are you up to the challenge of this last in the series of the kingdom of ninja? try this game
Drunken Boxing 2 08-18-21 HTML5 page 8 The Drunken Boxing 2 game has both1 Player and 2 Player modes.  The first to reach a score of 5 knochouts in the game wins the match! try this game
Panda Escape with Piggy 08-17-21 HTML5 page 8 Help both Panda and Piggy make their way safely through all the levels of this adventure. try this game
Jelly Crush 08-16-21 HTML5 page 8 With a new goal to complete with each level it's time to start crushing those jellies! try this game
Craft Tower 08-15-21 HTML5 page 8 You need to be careful while climbing to the top of the castle, which is full of green scary monsters.  Pass all the steps and reach the top of the castle! try this game
Spiderblock 08-14-21 HTML5 page 8 Thanks to the spider web he throws, the little block can pass from wall to wall and jump over obstacles.  Can you make your way through this 10-level adventure? try this game
Drag Racing Club 08-13-21 HTML5 page 8 Rev up that engine, don't miss your shifts, and don't forget the nitro!  Earn money to upgrade your car to become the demon of the dragway! try this game
Police Escape 08-12-21 HTML5 page 8 He's right on your heels!  Don't let the policeman catch you or it's back to juvenile detention! try this game
Boxing Stars 08-11-21 HTML5 page 8 Make your way up the prize fight ladder starting with underground boxing, make it into club boxing, on to tournaments and finally go for the Championship! try this game
Run & Escape 08-10-21 HTML5 page 8 The aim of the game is simple escape!, can you get more?  Many challenges await you on this journey!, get to the exit as quickly as possible! try this game
Kingdom of Ninja 6 08-09-21 HTML5 page 8 Survival awaits you in a dark dungeon.  Be careful monsters and obstacles are everywhere including sharp bladed wheels, that will do you in. Jump over the obstacles and reach the chest to complete the level. try this game
SS Euro Cup 2021 08-08-21 HTML5 page 8 Soccer Skills Euro Cup 2021 edition is the ultimate web based cross-platform soccer game! 11 versus 11 in fast paced 3D action bestowing unrivaled skills. try this game
The Aviator 08-07-21 HTML5 page 8 Control the aviator/aircraft to avoid the meteorites.  Collect the energy crystals to fill up your energy.  Those crystals can also be used to upgrade the aircraft.  Fly it to the end! try this game
Pink Cuteman 08-06-21 HTML5 page 8 The chubby, one eyed cute guy is trying to go to the snow-covered forest by crossing 10 different levels.  Beware of the enemies both in the air and on the ground as you attempt to reach the flag to complete each level. try this game
Kingdom of Ninja 5 08-05-21 HTML5 page 8 Survival awaits you in a dark dungeon covered with lava.  Be careful monsters and obstacles are everywhere as you try to reach the chest to complete the level. try this game
Jump Bunny Jump 08-04-21 HTML5 page 8 Launch the bunny into the air and collect coins to fuel his flight.  Avoid dangers and maybe even take a rest on an available platform. try this game
Basket Champ 08-03-21 HTML5 page 8 How many hoops can you score in this cross between hoop shooting and pinball action? try this game
Candy Puzzle Blocks 08-02-21 HTML5 page 8 Carefully place the available blocks on the game board to create complete lines horizontally and vertically thus removing them.  Game ends when you have no more moves. try this game
Maze & Tourist 08-01-21 HTML5 page 8 Explore hte continent of Africa as a tourist and become familiar with its countries and tourist attractions.  Visit 15 different countries and you will become familiar with that country’s name, flag, coat of arms, capital, official language and one of its most famous tourism attractions. try this game
Platfoban 07-31-21 HTML5 page 8 You need to collect all the coins at every level.  There are two modes in game: the platforming mode, in which you can run and jump, and the sokoban mode, in which you can move blocks, coins, etc. try this game
ONE a Card Game 07-30-21 HTML5 page 8 Do you miss the fun and addictive game ONE?  Or have you never played this great game?  Then go ahead, choose a character and take part in wonderful friendly competition. try this game
Impostor.IO 07-29-21 HTML5 page 8 Become the superior life form by defeating other players in  This game is inspired by Among Us and features similar visuals and controls. try this game
Deer Hunter 2D 07-28-21 HTML5 page 8 Deer Hunter 2D is a fun sniper game where you hunt deers.  You can play 30 fun levels in a great shooting gameplay. try this game
Street Dunk 07-27-21 HTML5 page 8 Street Dunk is an simple but very addictive game which is based on realistic physics.  Put that ball in the hoop! try this game
Jetpack Joyride 07-26-21 HTML5 page 8 It's time to join Barry Steakfries and strap on a cool jetpack and ride like crazy in this endless running quest to beat the scientists to the end of the lab. try this game
Crazy Seagull 07-25-21 HTML5 page 8 Minimalist and fun game that will keep your adrenaline pumping as your opponent is very fast and agile.  Can you pop 100 baloons before that crazy seagull? try this game
Doodieman Bazooka 07-24-21 HTML5 page 8 You control the peculiar character Doodieman, help him aim and fire his sticky projectiles and have fun during each level !!! try this game
Kingdom of Ninja 07-23-21 HTML5 page 8 This is a story of a ninja trying to reach his kingdom, be careful, many traps are in front of you before you can reach the kingdom. try this game
Stickman Warfield 07-22-21 HTML5 page 8 A battle of clans is coming with the aim of seizing the enemy flag !!!! try this game
Drop It 07-21-21 HTML5 page 8 Drop-It is a fun and relaxing block puzzle game.  Drag "block" to move it horizontally, then drop it to make a move.  If a line of row is filled, blocks at this line will be removed and your score will be increased. try this game
Sniper Code 07-19-21 HTML5 page 8 The Sniper Code is a mission-based sniper game with stickman characters.  You only have one night to complete each of the missions.  Takedown your targets and achieve your objectives carefully. try this game
Indiara & the Skull Gold 07-19-21 HTML5 page 8 Get the golden skull and escape from the deadly roller and make it to end of the level.  Can you collect all golden skulls? try this game
Gold Miner 07-18-21 HTML5 page 8 Collect as much gold and jewels as you can from the mine before time runs out.  The moles are scurrying about with the riches as well as some moles trying to cut your line, the little buggers! try this game
Motocross Hero 07-17-21 HTML5 page 8 Race your motocross bike across the desert in this exciting MX motorsports game.  Avoid obstacles such as potholes and large cracks.  Use the rear wheel to knock out your opponents. try this game
Impostor Game Console 07-16-21 HTML5 page 8 Impostor game console from outer space sets out to search the world for the woman he loves.  A fun game with 20 different levels and 20 different challenges.  Pass the levels and reach the woman you love. try this game
Among Rampage 07-15-21 HTML5 page 8 Join the adorable infiltrated characters in this game and help them escape a series of dangerous dungeons full of obstacles. try this game
King of Gems 07-14-21 HTML5 page 8 Score points by stringing together three or more like gems.  You're on the clock so get to it. try this game
Hungry Frog 07-13-21 HTML5 page 8 Muummm, tasty flies for the taking.  Be careful though that post is electrified! try this game
Miner Block 07-12-21 HTML5 page 8 Get the cart full of gold out of the mine by moving the rock filled carts out of the way. try this game
Parking Puzzle 07-11-21 HTML5 page 8 Drive each car to it's own parking zone designated by color. try this game
Mr. Jump 07-10-21 HTML5 page 8 Help Mr. Jump bound his way through all the ingenious and tricky levels. try this game
Jumper Frog 07-09-21 HTML5 page 8 Very nice re-make of the arcade classic Frogger. try this game
Super Pitcher 07-08-21 HTML5 page 8 Step right up and test your skill in this carnival throwing game. try this game
Cure the Zombies 07-07-21 HTML5 page 8 Cure the Zombies!  Work fast this thing is getting out of contol! try this game
Tower of Hanoi 2 07-06-21 HTML5 page 8 Can you solve the re-do of this classic puzzler? try this game
Aerobatics 07-05-21 HTML5 page 8 Test your stunt flying skills! try this game
Five UFOs 07-04-21 HTML5 page 8 How's your memory.  The UFOs are sending you a message, can you repeat it? try this game
Sheepdog's Day 07-03-21 HTML5 page 8 It's not all belly rubs and treats.  The Sheepdog needs to work for a living! try this game
Jigsaw Puzzle 07-02-21 HTML5 page 8 Multiple jigsaw Puzzles, all with over 100 pieces!  Get your puzzle fix now. try this game
Among Us Sling 07-01-21 HTML5 page 8 Sling your AmongUS character higher and higher.  Capture stars and avoid the dangers that will do you in. try this game
Connect the Jelly 06-30-21 HTML5 page 8 Connect the like colored jellies, but do so without crossing any lines. try this game
Zumba Ocean 06-29-21 HTML5 page 8 Destroy all the jewels in the advancing chain before they escape. try this game
Lava & Ninja Skateboard 06-28-21 HTML5 page 8 It's down the mountain on your skateboard with Lava in hot pursuit!  Grab stars for points and avoid obstacles while staying ahead of the hot stuff! try this game
Chess Mania 06-27-21 HTML5 page 8 Find the correct move to effectuate the desired result in each situation. try this game
Super Sandy World 06-26-21 HTML5 page 8 A new kind of Mario game that you can play with Left and Right Arrows for run and space for jump .  Super Sandy World (like super mario game ) , a totally new old school adventure game, try this game
Get 12 06-25-21 HTML5 page 8 Can you get 12?  Just match like numbers to increase their value.  There has to be an unobstructed path to do so though.  When the board fills up it's game over. try this game
Vint 06-24-21 HTML5 page 8 Spinning game that requires a good reaction  Tap or click to check rotation direction of two balls.  Collect white pieces and avoid to dark ones  Easy to learn but hard (really hard!!) to win try this game
Tank Hero Online 06-23-21 HTML5 page 8 The battle has started.  Take your opponent with the cannons and destroy as many tanks as you can before they kill you.  Battle against cunning enemies, collect power-ups, and complete more than 100 levels of amazing action. try this game
Idle Mining Empire 06-22-21 HTML5 page 8 Tap on your miners to start digging.  Next, transport ore to ground level with an elevator.  Finally, transport the ore to your warehouse to earn a profit.  Use coins to upgrade your mine shaft, elevator and warehouse. Automate tasks by hiring managers at each facility try this game
Airport Rush 06-21-21 HTML5 page 8 You own the airport and now have to manage it!  You get to manage the landing and take-off of all planes at the airport!  Put your alertness and management skills at work and make sure a safe journey for everyone. try this game
Coin Craze 06-20-21 HTML5 page 8 Coin Craze is a game in which you need to control a boy who is collecting coins.  The boy is standing on a moving platform you need to tap/click when it is over another platform to make him jump on it. try this game
Slime Arrows 06-19-21 HTML5 page 8 Slime Arrows is a 2D graphics puzzle platform game made in pixel art.  Activate or turn off the platforms to make the character reach the portal. try this game
Gunner 06-18-21 HTML5 page 8 Grab your gun and take out as many different opponents as you can.  Better be quick, your opponents surely are! try this game
Circus Words 06-17-21 HTML5 page 8 Play Circus Words to begin training your brain and become a vocabulary master! try this game
Adam & Eve Go 3 06-16-21 HTML5 page 8 In Adam and Eve GO, despite the dangers and the challenges of the prehistoric times, love finds a way to blossom! try this game
Stick Clash 06-15-21 HTML5 page 8 The time has come to eliminate all the clans of an epic world !!  Defeat all your enemies on the battlefield, but be careful, think about your troop movements! try this game
Pin Cracker 06-14-21 HTML5 page 8 Crack the four digit pin number before time runs out.  Green indicates a correct number, Yellow, it's used but not in that location, Gray , forget about it! try this game
Jumper Pou 06-13-21 HTML5 page 8 Tap Pou to move,  Land on a platform, rinse and repeat.  The higher he goes, the higher he jumps.  How high can you go? try this game
Burger Maker 06-12-21 HTML5 page 8 Welcome to the world of fast food.  You'll keep your job if you can keep up with the orders. try this game
Infinity Space 06-11-21 HTML5 page 8 You're in a universe where matter and anitmatter exist in abundance.  Collect points by bonding with like matter..  :Avoid the anitmatter or, well you know what'll happen. try this game
Sasquash 06-10-21 HTML5 page 8 Carefully remove the wooden blocks and get the Sasquash safely to the ground. try this game
Skater Rat 06-09-21 HTML5 page 8 Help the Rat Dude show his stuff skating down the road with all the obstructions and cars trying to take him out. try this game
Hopping Boys 06-08-21 HTML5 page 8 As the name implies it's all about hopping.  Complete all the levels in each of the six different worlds. try this game
Jump Monster 06-07-21 HTML5 page 8 Use the left and right arrows on the keyboard to move or touch the screen on the mobile.  Accumulate more points and use them to buy new characters.  Each character has its own special ability! try this game
Vector Rush 06-06-21 HTML5 page 8 Try to escape from an unexpected earthquake which destroys all the buildings in the city.  Unfortunately, the vector character was in one of the buildings and now he needs to escape. try this game
Fly This 06-05-21 HTML5 page 8 Fly THIS! is an addictive game of explosive airplane action that will challenge your inner air traffic controller. try this game
Super Steve World 06-04-21 HTML5 page 8 In this epic platform game, Steve will face many monsters and obstacles along the way.  Collect power to destroy monsters more easily and grab a bunch of coins. try this game
Blue & Red Impostor 06-03-21 HTML5 page 8 The red and blue impostor try to complete the level before the water rises. &nbp;They have to be fast to survive.  Fun 2 player game consisting of 15 parts. (Red=WASD) Blue=Arrow Keys) try this game
Zrist 06-02-21 HTML5 page 8 Jump and slide your little block figure to avoid obstacles in this endless runner game.  How far can you go? try this game
Ski King 06-01-21 HTML5 page 8 Find your shortest path down the course and avoid all the obstacles.  The level resets if you pass a gate on the wrong side. try this game
Word Connect 21 05-31-21 HTML5 page 8 Find the correct word or words using the supplied letters. try this game
Ludo Wizard 05-30-21 HTML5 page 8 Ludo with multiple game modes.  Choose to play against up to 3 bots, with friends or online with available players. try this game
Spot the Difference 05-29-21 HTML5 page 8 How are your powers of observation?  Spot the differences between the pictures on each level. try this game
Onet Fruit Classic 05-28-21 HTML5 page 8 Remove like fruits by connecting them by way of a clear path of no more than three 90 degree turns.  At a dead end?  No worry, you can reshuffle the board. try this game
Train Controller 05-27-21 HTML5 page 8 Pick up your order and deliver the good but do so in the order received. try this game
Word Transformer 05-26-21 HTML5 page 8 Change one letter at a time to get to the target word.  Each change must create a valid word! try this game
Leaping Frog 05-25-21 HTML5 page 8 Click your mouse or press the spacebar to make your frog hop from one lilly pad to the next.  How far can you go? try this game
Moles in Holes 05-24-21 HTML5 page 8 Connect the Moles with the same colored food by tunneling to it.  The tunnels must not cross each other.  Hurry, you're on the clock! try this game
Jumping Tiles 05-23-21 HTML5 page 8 Click the highlighted tiles as quickly as possible.  Miss and you get zapped slowing you down from reaching your goal. try this game
Word Scramble 3 05-22-21 HTML5 page 8 Arrange the letters as quickly as possible to form valid words. You've got 5 minutes, get to it! try this game
Chain Reaction 05-21-21 HTML5 page 7 With every level you must pop more of the floating balloons to advance.  Create a good chain reaction! try this game
Slot Machine 05-20-21 HTML5 page 7 Play up to 3 coins and spin the reels.  Wait for them to finish or push the buttons to stop them.  How many rounds can up play 'till your money runs out? try this game
Tower Blocks 2 05-19-21 HTML5 page 7 Jump onto the on-coming block, simple but how high can you go? try this game
Pancake Sorting 05-18-21 HTML5 page 7 Sort the pancakes from largest as the bottom to smallest at the top.  Too many flips and it's game over! try this game
Heroic Spiders 05-17-21 HTML5 page 7 Fly through the forest as far as possible.  Press the screen to attach to a leaf and swing on it, release to let go and continue flying. try this game
Novel Free Kick 05-16-21 HTML5 page 7 Set your angle, elevation, curvature , and power the ball into the net! try this game
SpaceMan 05-15-21 HTML5 page 7 The SpaceMan uses his laser blaster to destroy any and all obstructions in his path  How far can he go? try this game
-Snowball World 05-14-21 HTML5 page 7 Help Snowball clear level after level in this one button platformer game. try this game
Chase Racing Cars 05-13-21 HTML5 page 7 Test your racing prowess against player scores from around the world!  Grab coins and avoid traffic to see how high you can score. try this game
-Ultimate Swish 05-12-21 HTML5 page 7 Whether you're shooting from the corner or top of the key you've only got 60 seconds to score as many points as you can. try this game
Puzzle Animal Mania 05-11-21 HTML5 page 7 Match the animal shapes to the puzzle template to complete the puzzle. try this game
-Tiny Rifles 05-10-21 HTML5 page 7 It's trench warfare!  Advance your troops from trench to trench until you finally defeat the enemy. try this game
Top Speed Racing 3D 05-09-21 HTML5 page 7 In Top Speed Racing 3D, get ready for the most challenging and extreme racing experience you've ever had. try this game
-Ninja vs. Slime 05-08-21 HTML5 page 7 The Slime are coming for you!  Throw ninja stars at your opponents.  The stars will bounce off the slimes and make ricochets so you can destroy more slimes at once. try this game
Impostor Rescue 05-07-21 HTML5 page 7 Impostor Rescue is a challenging puzzle game, where you need to collect all the treasures, rescue the hero and overcome impostors. try this game
-Heroball Adventures 05-06-21 HTML5 page 7 Your hero needs to free his friends!  Collect stars and avoid the dangers along the way. try this game
Fail Run 05-05-21 HTML5 page 7 Early generations of robots had a difficult time learning how to walk, they just can't grasp the concept of balance.  Can you help the little robot walk? try this game
-Jurassic Theft 05-04-21 HTML5 page 7 A mad professor has travelled back in time to the Jurassic period to steal dinosaur eggs so he can start his own Jurassic theme park.  What could possibly go wrong? try this game
Penalty Champs 21 05-03-21 HTML5 page 7 Choose your favorite European national football team and try out this great penalty shootout game. try this game
Car Traffic 2D 05-02-21 HTML5 page 7 Car Traffic 2D is a fun driving game where you race through traffic.  Collect cash and powerups to finish your track. try this game
Team Kaboom 05-01-21 HTML5 page 7 Attention soldier!  Your goal is to blast enemies, and avoid getting killed.  Avoid letting any of them escape because they'll come back faster and stronger! try this game
Monsters Run 04-30-21 HTML5 page 7 Fun and relax-able.  Tap (or mouse click) on the screen to jump at the right time to avoid the obstacles.  How far can you run? try this game
Escape Heroes 04-29-21 HTML5 page 7 Escape the joint.  While your at it bring some of you fellow inmates with you. try this game
Venom's Adventures 04-28-21 HTML5 page 7 Venom's Adventures is an adventure game story about this cute venom.  You need to control the venom to get to the end of the road. try this game
Medieval Defense Z 04-27-21 HTML5 page 7 Unlock the King's powers to defeat hordes of the undead! try this game
Zomblast 04-26-21 HTML5 page 7 The zombies are here, but you've got grenades - put them to good use. try this game
Jelly Escape 04-25-21 HTML5 page 7 Help the little Jelly grab those stars and make it safely to the exit. try this game
Finders Critters 04-24-21 HTML5 page 7 The cute critters are standing scared on a high place!  Help them get down safely.  Connect at least two equal colored blocks to clear a path. try this game
Flags Maniac 04-23-21 HTML5 page 7 Now, don't you wish you'd watched Sheldon's Fun with Flags? try this game
Bugongo 04-22-21 HTML5 page 7 Bugongo is one of the last dinosaurs and in order to keep his bloodline alive, he will need to guide this one last egg to its hatching nest. try this game
Bubble Invasion 04-21-21 HTML5 page 7 Defend your base against the invasion of bubbles.  Match 2 or more bubbles of the same color to eliminate them.  Don't let any bubble cross the line! try this game
Jumper Starman 04-20-21 HTML5 page 7 Jumper Starman is a pixel art game with classic platform game elements.  An arcade game with several difficult challenging levels and dangerous enemies. try this game
Zombie Killer 04-19-21 HTML5 page 7 Survive in an apocalyptic city riddled by walking dead.  Choose your hero and clean the city from zombies. try this game
Kizi Kart 04-18-21 HTML5 page 7 Start your engines and race through the worlds of KIZI KART.  Play as Kizi, Kissi, Spike, Tito or Gary.  Avoid obstacles, take out opponents and finish 1st in Star Course, Rocket Race and the Kizi Cup. try this game
Impostor Zombrush 04-17-21 HTML5 page 7 It's time to have fun in a chaotic world of a little character impostor who must escape the clutches of other little ones among us who just want to devour you !! try this game
Persia Prince Dash 04-16-21 HTML5 page 7 Prince of Persia Dash is a puzzle adventure game.  Control an armored prince to collect gold coins, find a key and break through the dungeon. try this game
Gravity Command 04-15-21 HTML5 page 7 Launch counterstrikes against incoming missile attacks to protect your installation. try this game
Bunny Goes Boom 04-14-21 HTML5 page 7 A totally crazy game in which you're a cute white rabbit, flying on the highly explosive, carrot rocket. try this game
Save Planet 04-13-21 HTML5 page 7 Asteroids are headed to Earth and your mission is to destroy all the space debris.  Try to destroy as many asteroids as you can with one ball.  Your ammo is limited so you need to use it wisely. try this game
Giant Hamster Run 04-12-21 HTML5 page 7 You're a tiny hamster turned into a giant hamster.  Run along the city streets. switch lanes, jump and slide to avoid obstacles like roadblocks and police cars.  Collect coins and cookies along the way to purchase cool items, such as a skateboard, rocket pack and yes, a magic carpet try this game
The Spear Stickman 04-11-21 HTML5 page 7 The longer you survive the more gold you earn and the more upgrades you can buy.  You'll get harder to defeat, but so will your opponents. try this game
Extreme Way 04-10-21 HTML5 page 7 Extreme Way is an endless runner game for fast ninjas.  The sun has set, the moon is out, and the city is asleep.  Somewhere out there a ninja clad in crimson is running across the rooftops.  How far can you travel? try this game
Lineum 04-09-21 HTML5 page 7 Turn all the tiles into green grass by drawing a continuous line to flip the tiles.  Use the hint if you're not sure where to start the line.  You can't cross the created line, go through the same path twice or move diagonally. try this game
100 Arrows 04-08-21 HTML5 page 7 100 Arrows is a shooter game with medieval animation and puzzle-like obstacles.  You may need to shoot moving targets, shoot long distances, or shoot through intricate designs to get to other targets.  Once you get through all 30 levels, you’ll be ready for the tournament where you’ll be up against the best of the best. try this game
Bloons Tower Defense 4 04-07-21 HTML5 page 7 Game 4 of the Bloons Tower Defense series.  No Gnomes, Zombie, or other monsters just balloons.  Get Poppin'. try this game
Life in the Static 04-06-21 HTML5 page 7 Life in the static is a puzzle, a question waiting to be answered, a solution waiting to be discovered and a challenge begging to be dominated.  Do you have the ingenuity, the stamina, and the resolve of a thousand exploding suns all waiting to be unchained and set free from the static? try this game
Jimbo Jump 04-05-21 HTML5 page 7 All Jimbo wants to do is get home but the ghosts hate him!  If you think living on the top floor of an ancient walk-up is bad, just imagine having to jump to get there and dodge ghosts the whole time. try this game
Run Rabbit Run 04-04-21 HTML5 page 7 Help the rabbit grab the carrots and reach the goal on all the levels  Grab all the carrots for max score but just reaching the finish is an accomplishment in an of itself. try this game
Wild West Shootout 04-03-21 HTML5 page 7 You're the Sheriff, go hunt down the bandits one by one!  Challenge each bandit to a duel, where the winner will the one with the quickest hands in the Wild West. try this game
Day D Tower Rush 04-02-21 HTML5 page 7 Day D Tower Rush is basically a tower defense game where you are defending your time machine from the rabid advances of carnivouros dinosaurs.  You just hope that you can hold them off while you gather the resources needed to rebuild your time machine! try this game
Space Duuude 04-01-21 HTML5 page 7 This adventurous alien landed on Earth and needs to find the portal to get back home.  Help the funny creature jump over obstacles and collect golden items so he can finish his mission.  Avoid monsters or traps and have fun with the extraterrestrial duuude! try this game
Battle Coast 03-31-21 HTML5 page 7 Are you ready to defend your coast?  Sink the enemy ships to earn gold coins.  Purchase upgrades with the gold you earn to improve force, reload, damage, tower repairs and increase damage. try this game
Ana Jones 03-30-21 HTML5 page 7 Help Ana grab the gold and snatch some jewels and oh, about that very big rolling stone, it's out to flatten you! try this game
Heatwave Antartica 03-29-21 HTML5 page 7 The tiny little ice-cube is on a mission to outrun his fate.  Avoid the boiling rays of the sun and try to stay in the shade.  Cool down with some ice and use your smarts to unravel a variety of time-based, physics-based, and space-based puzzles in this far-out puzzle-platformer game. try this game
Red Man Imposter 03-28-21 HTML5 page 7 This is a challenging puzzle platformer in which you have to complete each level.  To do this, you need to do each step correctly, since the blocks that you pass after become solid!  Complete all levels, prove that you're a real brainiac! try this game
Hex Candy Crackle 03-27-21 HTML5 page 7 Stop the candy troops as they come forward by shooting a similar candy towards them.  There are 2 modes. In beginner mode a group of two candies can be eliminated while in expert mode you need at least 3 candies. try this game
Ninja Rabbit 03-26-21 HTML5 page 7 Ninja Rabbit is a superhero.  When the children of the village were taken away by an evil monster ninja rabbit set off resolutely and embarked on a journey to fight against monsters and rescue the children. try this game
Capture the Chickens 03-25-21 HTML5 page 7 Ariel lost her chickens and now she embarks on this incredible mission to recover them try this game
Adam & Eve Go2 03-24-21 HTML5 page 7 Join this adventurous caveman through the multiple fun and challenging levels of this game!  Can you help him overcome the obstacles and bring a nice flower to his significant other? try this game
Shot Trigger 03-23-21 HTML5 page 7 Choose your Big Football Heads nation and show how skilled you are.  32 world teams and 64 players are waiting for you.  Choose the option of playing 2 on 2 or 1 on 1.  Let the World Cup begin! try this game
Fiveheads Soccer 03-22-21 HTML5 page 7 Choose your Big Football Heads nation and show how skilled you are.  32 world teams and 64 players are waiting for you.  Choose the option of playing 2 on 2 or 1 on 1.  Let the World Cup begin! try this game
Pichon 03-21-21 HTML5 page 7 Pichón is a puzzle platformer where you play as a chubby bird that's constantly bouncing.  Fast reflexes and good timing will allow you to sort obstacles, activate secret passages and collect the necessary gems to be able to open the door at the end of each level. try this game
Chess Move 03-20-21 HTML5 page 7 Chess Move is a grid-based puzzle platformer with Chess pieces.  Each of the pieces moves as expected, but they fall down after moving and can’t move again until they stop falling.  The goal in each level is to capture the opposing king.  In addition, the game has one-way platforms, closed doors, keys, buttons, and other elements. try this game
Chrome Dino Run 03-19-21 HTML5 page 7 This 8-bit game comes for the people who love old-school styled graphics, with a dinosaur and an infinite desert.  Your goal is to avoid cacti.  Each time you jump over a cactus, you get one point. try this game
Awesome Tanks 2 03-18-21 HTML5 page 7 You must control your tank to attack the enemy's base.  Be careful because the enemy is very aggressive, and ready to respond. try this game
Cryptic Quotes 03-17-21 HTML5 page 7 The letters of a randomly selected famous quote are coded in symbols.  Your goal is to select the correct letters and reveal the hidden quote. try this game
Hello Messy Forest 03-16-21 HTML5 page 7 Hidden Object game with 16 different scenes from the forest to solve. try this game
Sweet Candy 03-15-21 HTML5 page 7 Let's swap some candy around!  Meet your goal for each individual level before your moves run out. try this game
Find these Guys 03-14-21 HTML5 page 7 Can you pick out a face in the crowd?  Hope so, there are plenty of them and there is a time limit! try this game
Platfoban 03-13-21 HTML5 page 7 Put on your thinking cap for this one.  30 levels which will quickly increase in difficulty as you proceed. try this game
Slimoban 2 03-12-21 HTML5 page 7 Slimoban 2 is the sequel of the Sokoban-inspired game, Slimoban.  More puzzling levels to solve with shooting added, woo-hoo! try this game
Slimoban 03-11-21 HTML5 page 7 Slimoban is a puzzle game that combines Sokoban and slimes that can muck things up. try this game
Black Hole 03-10-21 HTML5 page 7 A little puzzler that has you getting a blocky tiger back in his lair. try this game
Moley the Purple Mole 03-09-21 HTML5 page 7 Help Moley complete each level of this puzzler with the tools he's given which may be different on each level. try this game
Captain War Zombie Killer 03-08-21 HTML5 page 7 Zombies, Zombies everywhere, how long can you survive? try this game
Poor Zombie 03-07-21 HTML5 page 7 Help the Zombie avoid all the dangers and pitfalls to reach his crypt. try this game
Ultimate Boxing 03-06-21 HTML5 page 7 Stand toe to toe with your opponent and slug it out until there's only one man standing. try this game
Hero Adventure 03-05-21 HTML5 page 7 Use a mouse click or touch the screen to control your hero.  His actions may change with every level so it's up to you to figure out how to complete the level. try this game
Mr. Hunter 03-04-21 HTML5 page 7 Mr Hunter is a fun 2D shooter game with amazing graphics.  There are 50 levels with different enemies and a whole lota' shootin'.. try this game
Conduct This! 03-03-21 HTML5 page 7 Set in a stunning world, with incredibly simple controls you race against time to bring passengers safely to their destination by commanding trains. try this game
Red & Green Candy Forest 03-02-21 HTML5 page 7 Go through 20 different levels and dozens of obstacles. to finish and reach the end of the game.  Don't forget to collect the candies. candies will earn you points. try this game
Maze Monster 03-01-21 HTML5 page 7 Solve the mazes as quickly as you can and eat all the candy. try this game
Missile Command 02-28-21 HTML5 page 7 Atari Missile Command is a classic arcade game.  The player's six cities are being attacked by an endless wave of ballistic missiles. try this game
Atari Centipede 02-27-21 HTML5 page 7 Atari Centipede is a fixed shooter arcade game.  You must fight off centipedes, spiders, scorpions and fleas using your bugblaster!  Survive for as long as possible. try this game
Tomb Runner 02-26-21 HTML5 page 7 How far can Professor Jones keep running in the adventures of Tomb Runner.  Run jump slide rush and surf through over and under various obstacles through temples try this game
Maze Challenge 02-25-21 HTML5 page 7 Navigate the red square to the blue square.  Unlimited mazes, each are unique and randomly generated with simple controls. try this game
Paper Flight 2 02-24-21 HTML5 page 7 Launch the paper plane as far as you can with each attempt you can improve your characteristics such as speed, strength and a number of other upgrades.. try this game
Among Them Space Rush 02-23-21 HTML5 page 7 Ready, set, run!  This fast-running among us character needs to be guided over obstacles, collect speed, time and finish each of the over 7 levels under one minute time limit. try this game
Eddie Adventures 02-22-21 HTML5 page 7 Monsters have captured Eddie's princess.  You have to help Eddie rescue the princess.  Run, jump and dash your way through a vast world of platforming challenges and embark on an epic adventure! try this game
Bloo Kid 2 02-21-21 HTML5 page 7 After rescuing his girlfriend from the hands of the evil wizard, Bloo Kid and Pink Girl enjoy life with their newborn "Pink Kid".  But then, a whole new adventure starts just out of the Bloo. try this game
O-Well 02-20-21 HTML5 page 7 You've fallen down a well,bad.  There is a way out however, good!  Now you just have to find it. try this game
Slime Love 02-19-21 HTML5 page 7 Slime Love is a clicker game based on love!  These star-crossed lovers just want to be together but one is stuck in an unusual puzzle room.  Your objective is to figure out how to grab the love key and then hop on out of the area into the portal that will appear. try this game
Coco Monkey 02-18-21 HTML5 page 7 Coconuts are fine but hey, Bananas are better!  But you'll need those coconuts to help you get those bananas. try this game
You Broke the Game 02-17-21 HTML5 page 7 You Broke The Game is a free browser-based platform game.  It is a crazy, dangerous world out there and even crazier in this game, the game that you will inevitably break just by playing. try this game
Solitaire Grande 02-16-21 HTML5 page 7 It's Solitaire!  Choose either draw 1 or draw 3 modes.  The game keeps full stats on all your games! try this game
Crazy Little Eights 02-15-21 HTML5 page 7 The object of the game is to be the first player to discard all of their cards.  8's are a wild card that may be played at anytime. try this game
Grottyscape 02-14-21 HTML5 page 7 Welcome to Grottyscape.  Select difficulty and enter the dungeon.  Shoot monsters, pick up bonuses and protection to get through each level. try this game
Let Me Rock 02-13-21 HTML5 page 7 Let Me Rock is a cute and unique puzzle game where your goal is to get the excited crowd to the music.  Your job is to open up the place and get the crowd to the musical act to get the night going.  Remove the right barriers to shuffle the crowd to the singer’s. try this game
Block Crusher 02-12-21 HTML5 page 7 Block Crusher is a free puzzle game.  Sometimes the only way out is down. Strap on your workboots, buckle up your helmet, charge your jack-hammer and get busy crushing. try this game
Zombie Massacre 02-11-21 HTML5 page 7 As If it wasn't already tough to be a cowboy, now you have to battle Zombies to rescue survivors of a wagon train! try this game
Farm Hero 02-10-21 HTML5 page 7 The aim of the games is to save flooded animals that are scattered throughout the farm by connecting them into given shapes. try this game
Tower Defence 02-09-21 HTML 5 page 7 They're on their way!  The evil horde is advancing on your castle.  Build defences along the way to defeat them. try this game
Jumping Bee 02-08-21 HTML5 page 7 Help the industrious little bee do his job.  Collect nectar to make honey. try this game
Triangle: Back to Home 02-07-21 Javascript You are lost in the cave.  Try to get out and back to home.  Sometimes it can be easy, sometimes not…  But don’t give up and you will do it. try this game
FireBlob Winter 02-06-21 HTML5 page 7 Blob is back and the weather has turned a little nippy!  That's O.K., Blob's hot little bottom will see you through. try this game
Racer 02-05-21 Javascript Start from the back of the pack, finish 1st to go to the next race! try this game
Gum Adventures 02-04-21 HTML5 page 7 Re-unite the star crossed lovers.  Luckily you can reverse gravity to help avoid dangers! try this game
Ninja vs. Evilcorp 02-03-21 Javascript Use your ninja skills to scale the tower and find the evil plans, but be careful to avoid the security cameras and guards. try this game
Fire Blob 02-02-21 HTML5 page 7 Blob is hot stuff!  Help him bring fire to all those stacks of kindling. try this game
On Off 13K 02-01-21 Javascript Navigate through 25 brain-teasing levels in this fast-paced, hand-crafted platformer written in javascript. try this game
Mini Push 01-31-21 HTML5 page 7 Use Space or Left Click to change the state of blocks to reach your goal.  Solve all 27 levels. try this game
Mushroom Pop 01-30-21 HTML5 page 7 This is a puzzle game where you have to use your brainpower to Pop the mushrooms and spread the spores in all directions. try this game
Shoot or Die 01-29-21 HTML5 page 7 Become the most feared gunslinger in the land by defeating all who stand in your way. try this game
Battboy Adventure 01-28-21 HTML5 page 7 Battboy Adventure is a platform game, where the hero must overcome all the levels by dodging the thorns and eliminating the villains (killer clowns).  Collect all the stars to complete the game. try this game
Rotated Cups 01-27-21 HTML5 page 7 Rotated Cups is an interesting game of skill.  Rotate the cup that holds the ball and drop the ball exactly into the designated bucket.  Use the mouse or you finger to rotate the cup, try this game
F1 Racing 01-26-21 HTML5 page 7 F1 Racing is an awesome formula racing game where you customize a car and control it to reach first place!  Compete against AI cars and finish 30 levels for amazing fun! try this game
Space Imposter 01-25-21 HTML5 page 7 Help a funny alien from the Among race to explore the planet he discovered. try this game
Shoot the Guy 01-24-21 HTML5 page 7 Shoot the guy is a weapon aiming game with a level of precision.  There is only rule to play the game, Don't miss! try this game
Super Jump 01-23-21 HTML5 page 7 You are a superhero with a cool cape.  Jump over rooftops, while collecting powerups and avoiding obstacles.  Press and hold to control your jumping power.  Time your jumps with great care, to avoid falling. try this game
Dungeon Fury 01-22-21 HTML5 page 7 Dungeon Furry is a single button, action-packed, level-based retro platformer which graphics brings out the best of PICO-8 color pallete for the ultimate old-school experience.  Escape the dungeon, if you can! try this game
Among Them Space Run 01-21-21 HTML5 page 7 You, as a Among Us character need to stay on the screen as long time as possible and collect as many space saucers as possible to find the way back home and save all your crewmates. try this game
Neon Invaders 01-20-21 HTML5 page 7 Neon Invaders is a game inspired by one of the first games ever created, Space Invaders.  How many levels can you survive? try this game
Tiny Dungeons 01-19-21 HTML5 page 7 Run and jump through the dangerous mazes of this game  Your character will seek to complete each level to get from one extreme to another and reach your goal. try this game
Brave Warriors 01-18-21 HTML5 page 7 Send your brave warrior across a devil infested valley collecting coins and lives.  Survive and take on the next more difficult task. try this game
Flip Duck 01-17-21 HTML5 page 7 This is a game where you play as a mother duck who is obsessed with finding all of her missing eggs.  Each level you will have to figure out how to collect the eggs by flipping your way around the board. try this game
Space Miner 01-16-21 HTML5 page 7 Space Miner is a platform game where you will be trying to escape a space ship after you've collected all of the goodies you can find. try this game
Stickman Swing 01-15-21 HTML5 page 7 Stickman Swing is a free puzzle game where you must act fast to swing the stickman past the finish line.  If you thought stickman games were a thing of the past, then you’re terribly wrong. try this game
Monster Truck Soccer 01-14-21 HTML5 page 7 Pick your nation, rev up your monter truck and take on the world to win the Monster Truck World Cup of soccer.  Vrooooom, Vrooooom! try this game
Cube Jump 01-13-21 HTML5 page 7 A real test of your reaction time!  Jump from flow to moving flow with extra points awarded for landing on an occupied square. try this game
Aztec Escape 01-12-21 HTML5 page 7 You've stolen the treasure and now it's time to escape.  Might as well grab some extra booty on the way out. try this game
Space Pinball 01-11-21 HTML5 page 7 How high a score can you rack up?  3 balls and it only cost a quarter, actually no coins needed : ) try this game
Pocket Jump 01-10-21 HTML5 page 7 Simple, simple, simple................and just a bit frustrating 😕 try this game
Gravity Control 01-09-21 HTML5 page 7 Gravity Control is a free physics game.  If you have ever gotten the feeling that gravity was just trying to hold you down, this is the game for you! try this game
Treasure Hunt Neon 01-08-21 HTML5 page 7 Treasure Hunt is a cute puzzle game where your objective is to lead the miner to the treasure. try this game
Cat Crossy 01-07-21 HTML5 page 7 The cat wants to grab some of those yummy fish.  Capture one that's past due and lose points.  Oh, and watch out for ticking time bombs! try this game
Escape the Fuzz 01-06-21 HTML5 page 7 Evade the cops in this pacman type escape game.  Gather all the coins and destroy your pursuers with power ups. try this game
Maze Lover 01-05-21 HTML5 page 7 Re-unite with your lover somewhere in the maze.  Single Tap Arrow Key to move through the maze, and hurry you're on the clock! try this game
Skateboard Hero 01-04-21 HTML5 page 7 Choose your hero and compete in the Skateboarding Tournament.  Mouse click or Spacebar to jump and attempt tricks. try this game
MTB Hero 01-03-21 HTML5 page 7 Show your stuff racing down the mountain with your mountain bike. try this game
Mini Arrows 01-02-21 HTML5 page 7 Mini Arrows is a puzzle-platform game with 2D pixel graphics.  Help the slug reach the portal by switching on and off moving and jumping platforms. try this game
Tower Boxer 01-01-21 HTML5 page 7 You've got fists of steel.  But, do you have the speed and reflexes to get a really high score? try this game
Dangerous Danny 12-31-20 HTML5 page 7 Danny's a diver and he's no stranger to danger.  Collect treasure to boost your skills and see just how far you can dive in the dangerous waters. try this game
Grenade Toss 12-30-20 HTML5 page 7 Throw grenades at the enemy to defeat them.  Control the angle and strength of your throws.  Remember to watch your grenade count!  You have a limited amount per level. try this game
Vex 5 12-29-20 HTML5 page 7 An all new Vex installment, finally version 5 is there for you to play!  With new levels, achievements and traps to explore, you're bound to get vexed! try this game
Bob and Chainsaw 12-28-20 HTML5 page 7 Put Bob to work with his chainsaw!  Chainsaw left, or chainsaw right and avoid the tree branches!  How high is your score? try this game
Sliding Blocks 12-27-20 HTML5 page 7 Help your colored blocks to reach the indicated locations.  Move blocks in the right direction, they will move until they hit an obstacle or a wall.  You will be able to initiate a new movement in a new direction. try this game
Alex the Alien 12-26-20 HTML5 page 7 Alex the alien is lost on a strange planet!  Help him collect coins and open the portal to get to the next level.  Travel through 50 levels spread over 3 unique worlds and get back to your spaceship. try this game
Adam & Eve Go X-mas 12-25-20 HTML5 page 7 Adam and Eve: GO Xmas is here!  Help Adam and get in the Christmas spirit. try this game
Slimes 12-24-20 HTML5 page 7 It's a slime invasion.  Hold them off as long as you can. try this game
Fourteen Solitaire 12-23-20 HTML5 page 7 Choose a pair of cards that total 14 to remove them.  Ace=1, King=13, Queen=12, and the Jack=11. try this game
Cure the Zombies 12-22-20 HTML5 page 7 Collect the antidote to cure the zombies and survive as long as you can. try this game
Galaxy Explorer 12-21-20 HTML5 page 7 Be a space miner and collect resources to develop your planet. try this game
A Maze Race 2 12-20-20 HTML5 page 7 It's a race between the Red (you) ladybug and the Green ladybug to get to the food.  Take advantage of some help along the way. try this game
Pool Practice 12-19-20 HTML5 page 7 Chalk up your cue stick, sink all ten red balls and rack up a new high score. try this game
Pool 8 12-18-20 HTML5 page 7 Pool 8 is the new 8-Ball Pool game with simple swipe controls and addictive gameplay!  Play in front of your favorite show, in a boring class or whenever you have a few spare minutes to solve some challenging puzzles. try this game
Wheelie Bike 2 12-17-20 HTML5 page 7 Wheelie bike2 is fun addictive casual game. Balance the bike on one wheel as far as you can.  Use mouse to play the game. try this game
X Parkour 12-16-20 HTML5 page 7 Now it's time to run, slide, jump and do whatever it takes to survive and go further. try this game
Adam & Eve 8 12-15-20 HTML5 page 7 Adam finds himself with his head in the clouds! He has no idea where he is or where to find his beloved Eve!  Take care to stay out of the hands of another lady who fancies Adam! try this game
Pixel Skate 12-14-20 HTML5 page 7 Complete 24 levels and avoid all obstacles.  It's not easy, so be careful and Good Luck! try this game
Space Rush 12-13-20 HTML5 page 7 Collect coins and save as many friends as you can along the way in this game from the Among Us folks. try this game
The Warehouse 12-12-20 HTML5 page 7 You're a warehouse worker with one job, store the crate(s) in the area indicated. Easy, right? try this game
Hungry Harry 12-11-20 HTML5 page 6 Harry is hungry.  Help him collect the yummys by keeping from falling off the platform.  Just tap the screen to change direction and stay on the path, better be quick! try this game
Jungle Bricks 12-10-20 HTML5 page 6 Jungle Bricks is a highly addictive game that comes with a Jungle theme.  Bust those advancing bricks to advance levels. try this game
Sea Rush 12-09-20 HTML5 page 6 Your task is to match 3 or more blocks to destroy them and rescue all the fish scattered in the levels. try this game
Dunk Shot 12-08-20 HTML5 page 6 Use the elastic net to send the ball flying through the next hoop in this free online basketball game! try this game
Bricks Breaking 2 12-07-20 HTML5 page 7 It's Bricks breakin' time!.  Stop the pile from reaching the top. try this game
Space Kidnappers 12-06-20 HTML5 page 7 Destroy those UFOs before they abduct anyone and make their way off the screen. try this game
Snowball Duel 12-05-20 HTML5 page 7 It's Mano a Mano, it's Tank against Tank.  Take out your enemy with....ShowBalls? try this game
Castle Defense 12-04-20 HTML5 page 7 Defend your castle to the last from the approaching enemy horde. try this game
Gems Swap 3 12-03-20 HTML5 page 7 Update of the super addictive Gems Swap 2 game.  As in that game remember you're on the clock so hurry! try this game
Alien Intruders 12-02-20 HTML5 page 7 It's Space Invaders!  Watch out though, the mothership will steal the last digit of your score if you allow it to pass by. try this game
Aces Up 12-01-20 HTML5 page 7 remove all cards on the four tableau piles until only the four Aces remain. try this game
BMX Racing 11-30-20 HTML5 page 7 Give your mouse a real workout!  Twirl it in a clockwise rotation to power your biker. try this game
Ghost Man Advanced 11-29-20 HTML5 page 7 There's a new ghost gobbler in town.  It's Ghost Man! try this game
War Ship 11-28-20 HTML5 page 7 Without your radar or spotter planes it's a shot in the dark trying to destroy the enemy fleet. try this game
Gems Swap 2 11-27-20 HTML5 page 7 Super addictive match 3 game. Complete the level and it's on to the next more difficult one.  You're on the clock so hurry! try this game
Jump Me 11-26-20 HTML5 page 6 Have your knight jump to and mark all legal squares on each level to advance. try this game
Tiny Archer 11-25-20 HTML5 page 6 You have 6 arrows in your quiver.  Score a Bullseye and get an additional one.  The game ends when you run out of arrows. try this game
Mouse & Cheese 11-24-20 HTML5 page 6 Guide the mouse to the cheese.  Move objects and create a path to the cheese. try this game
Egg Age 11-23-20 HTML5 page 6 Connect three or more of the same eggs. Connect as many Eggs as indicated on the left. try this game
Train Switch 11-22-20 HTML5 page 6 You're in charge of the switching yard so let's get goin'.  Connect those train in the correct order! try this game
Senet 11-21-20 HTML5 page 6 Pharaoh Tutankhamun enjoyed this game so much he made sure his tomb contained two Senet games for use in the afterlife 🦉 try this game
Block Town 11-20-20 HTML5 page 6 Try to move all the wooden block on the shape.  Click on the blocks to rotate them and drag them to move. Your score depends on how quickly you solve the puzzle. try this game
The Lost World 11-19-20 HTML5 page 6 Combine 2 of the same Mahjong Stones to remove them from the playing field.  You can only use free stones.  A free stone is not covered by another stone and at least one side (top or bottom) is open. try this game
Adam & Eve Aliens 11-18-20 HTML5 page 6 Oh NO!  Adam wakes up finding himself on a totally different and unknown planet!  Help him find his way back to earth. try this game
Turn Me On 11-17-20 HTML5 page 6 It is a weird adventure of a button.  Click on it to guide it to its place.  Get help from the other objects on the platform as well.  Collect the gears on the way to score more! try this game
Zumba Mania 11-16-20 HTML5 page 6 Tap to shoot.  Match 3 or more same-colored marbles to eliminate them.  Destroy all marbles in the chain before it hits the end.  Tap the frog to swap between the current and next marble.  Use power-ups to clear the board faster. try this game
Stick Archery 11-15-20 HTML5 page 6 Become the legendary archery master and destroy the evil enemy archers.  Game is simple: Drag and drop, aim and shoot arrows at the enemies.  A clear headshot can completely destroy an enemy. try this game
Black Thrones 11-14-20 HTML5 page 6 Play as 'Black', an assassin on his last run to redeem himself and protect those he loves against legions of undead on top of an endless wall. try this game
Cube Mania 11-13-20 HTML5 page 6 Cube Mania is a challenging matching game. In the game, you need to collect 3 same blocks to eliminate them.. Includes many levels, some easy some not so much. try this game
City Heroes 11-12-20 HTML5 page 6 The robots are invading your city!  Can you destroy them all and become the hero? try this game
Such Bunny Run 11-11-20 HTML5 page 6 Run, Jump, and collect all the coins.  Watch out for those evil enemies, and spikes! try this game
Temple Quest 11-10-20 HTML5 page 6 Temple Quest is the ultimate endless runner game.  A never ending challenge where you move fast, think faster, and score big. A high score. try this game
Millionaire Quiz 11-09-20 HTML5 page 6 Put your knowledge to the test against the ultimate game show!  Answer trivia questions ranging from Science, Technology, Sports, Music and Health. try this game
Hefty Shaman 11-08-20 HTML5 page 6 The fate of the tribe is in your hands, your feet, and your magical staff.  You'll have to requisition the gods for a miracle if your tribe wants to make it through the month. try this game
Trench Runner 11-07-20 HTML5 page 6 Let's hope the Force is with you!  Survive as long as you can in this endless runner type game. try this game
Kong Man 11-06-20 HTML5 page 6 Kong Man hate big building.  Kong Man strong, he destroy.  Can you help him make much destruction? try this game
Super Blue Boy Planet 11-05-20 HTML5 page 6 Super Blue Boy Planet is a free side-scrolling mission based endless runner game.  you're not trying to get the most points or beat other players, instead, you're running to the ends of the Earth in order to find and rescue your girlfriend. try this game
Age of War 11-04-20 HTML5 page 6 Age of War is an epic, classic strategy game.  Advance through the ages in a struggle to destroy your enemy’s base before they can destroy yours in this real-time strategy game. try this game
Drippy's Adventure 11-03-20 HTML5 page 6 Help Drippy collect all the droplets and make it to the exit door before your time expires to advance. try this game
Bouncy Golf 11-02-20 HTML5 page 6 18 holes of golf. See if you can collect all 54 stars. try this game
Sticklets 11-01-20 HTML5 page 6 Sticklets is a puzzle game where you must help your characters get to the portal at the end of each level.  This is an online game that tests your cognitive skills. try this game
1010 Classic 10-31-20 HTML5 page 6 Drag shapes on the board and complete rows or columns to score.  Reach the goal to advance to the next level. try this game
Stolen Art 10-30-20 HTML5 page 6 Disable the laser security system to steal the works of art from the museum.  You only have a short time to guess the code, so get to it! try this game
Tetris Fun 10-29-20 HTML5 page 6 Thanks to a puzzle-loving software engineer named Alexey Pajitnov who worked for the Dorodnitsyn Computing Centre of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, this game in all its forms is still played and enjoyed all over the world. try this game
Flower World 10-28-20 HTML5 page 6 Another nice Match 3 game with goals you have to meet on each level to advance. try this game
King's Gold 10-27-20 HTML5 page 6 Fun to play match 3 game with a catchy tune! try this game
Bugs Kyodai 10-26-20 HTML5 page 6 Connect like pairs of bugs with a path consisting of no more than two 90 degree angles.  Clear the board before time expires to advance. try this game
Ruin 10-25-20 HTML5 page 6 Attach the blocks of the same color together to make 'em pop and disappear  Clear them all to advance.  Moves:Up,Down,Left,Right. try this game
Peg Solitaire 3D 10-24-20 HTML5 page 6 To win leave only one peg on the board.  Every turn, pick a peg and jump over an adjacent peg to an empty hole.  Only horizontal and vertical moves allowed, no diagonals. try this game
Physics Game 10-23-20 HTML5 page 6 Get all the stars into the bin to pass the level.  Concetrate, you can do this!! try this game
Power Blocks 10-22-20 HTML5 page 6 Fit all the colored shapes in the box.  They do fit, honest. 😏 try this game
Flags 10-21-20 HTML5 page 6 Match the Flags in this game to test your memory.  Three difficulty level, how quickly can you clear the board? try this game
Mini Jumper 10-20-20 HTML5 page 6 jump and collect all the stars to advance.  Just click or tap on the left-right keys to jump in that direction.  The longer you hold them the more strength to your jump. try this game
Not Not Online 10-19-20 HTML5 page 6 Not Not Online is a puzzle game based on the challenges of logic and orientation with the simple rule, follow the directions. try this game
Christmas Adventure 10-18-20 HTML5 page 6 Adventure with Santa!  You need to collect colorful balls and avoid dangers.  There are 20 levels, have fun! try this game
Tap Tap 10-17-20 HTML5 page 6 Simplicity!  Tap or click when you reach directional tile to jump to the next segment of the path.  If your timing is off it's into the abyss! try this game
Don't Hit Me 10-16-20 HTML5 page 6 You're happily out driving your new luxury car.  Unfortunately the street is crowded with those "in a hurry" pedestrians, you know the type..  Drive carefully and don't hit any of them. try this game
Pineapple Pen 2 10-15-20 HTML5 page 6 Shoot the fruit.  Funky musical score and simple game play, what's not to like? try this game
Run Sausage Run 10-14-20 HTML5 page 6 Jump, dive and sprint as you avoid all of the deadly obstacles in this super fun game.  Go Sausage, you can make it! try this game