Pogo pegs Game

Remember those little wooden puzzles some resturants place on your table to occupy you while you await your order?  Jump one peg over the other until you've removed all but one.  Pogo is a javascript version of pegs with a choice of a number of puzzle arrangements to choose from.

Cast of Characters
arrow pogo This is Pogo.  Jump one Pogo over another until you've removed all but one.
arrow pogo This is Pogo with a problem.  He must make a choice between two or more legal jumps
arrow space This is a legal landing point for Pogo to jump to.  Just click Pogo and he will jump horizontally or vertically to a legal space
arrow choice This is the image displayed when Pogo has more than one possible legal jump.  Just click on the one you wish him to Jump to.

Play Pogo