How to Get these Games for YOUR Site

These games are available as shareware for your free trial use. Please click right here for more information.

How to Play the Games

When you first play a game, you will have 100 coins in your bank. Each time you leave a game and come back, your bank will remember the number of coins you had the last time you played and start you out there. If you go broke, just use your browser's reload or refresh command (usually a button on your toolbar, or available from a menu viewed by right-clicking a blank area of the page) or use your back button to go back to the games menu and then re-enter the game.

To start a game, you must make a bet. None of the buttons will function until some number of coins (between one and five per hand) has been bet. You make your bet by clicking the BET ONE or BET MAX buttons. In triple-deck games there is also a BET THREE button to add one to each of your three per/hand bets. The max & three buttons will increase your bet to the requested amount, or to the limit of your coins, which ever is less.

At the end of a hand, the game will retain the last bet amount and allow you to just click the DEAL button to start the next hand. If you want to change from the last bet amount to a new one, you need only follow the instructions below to change your bet amount. If you do not have enough coins in your bank to play another hand with the bet amount of the previous hand, the bet will be reduced to the amount you do have.

If you mistakenly bet more than you wanted to, you may take the bet back before play has started. In single-deck games, just max out the bet (increase it to five) and then press any BET button three times. This will reset the bet to zero and then start accepting the new bet amounts. In triple-deck games, there is an UN-BET button that will erase the bet and allow you to enter a new bet amount. Once the DEAL button has been clicked, bets are final!

To discard the cards that you want to throw away before the draw, you can click on the DISCARD button (in single-deck games) or just click on the card itself. In triple-deck games, you must click the cards in the lowermost hand only. If you change your mind about discarding a card, just click the button or card again and it will return. Of course, in the stud games, there is no draw so there is also no discard function :)

In games with deuces or the Joker as wild cards, the wild cards may stand in place of any needed rank & suit in a "flush" or "straight", or "straight flush", or as any rank whatever to form "three of a kind", "full house", "four of a kind", or even "five of a kind".

For those not familiar with stud poker, THERE IS NO DRAW! You get only four cards dealt to you face-up, while the fifth card is dealt face-down. You now have a chance to double your bet (bets in triple-deck) if you like the four cards you can see. Then, when you click the DEAL button the fifth card is turned face-up and the hand is scored and the bet is paid or collected.

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