This HtmlPoker game is for sale as a set of ten games consisting of:
"Jacks or Better"
"Tens or Better"
"Double-Down Stud"
"Joker's Wild"
"Deuce's Wild"

Each of these five game types has two versions, Single-deck and Triple-deck. To the best of our knowledge all these games are error/bug free, and will work from any HTTP (web) server, or even from a directory on a local hard drive for home use! We will also provide free bug fixes if any errors are discovered in the games, or if the two main browsers, NS & IE, change in a way that causes the games to fail. We also plan to provide free updates to the games' graphics if we can find any useful improvements there. They will work with either Netscape 4.0 or newer or Internet Explorer 4.0 or newer. Other graphic based browsers should work as well as long as they have JavaScript capability. Cookies are used to keep score between play sessions, so the "accept cookies" option should be turned on on the player's browser.
These games are available as SHAREWARE! You can download a free trial version of these games to try on your web site or BBS. Installation is quite simple, and all ten games function just as the registered versions do with these few exceptions;
N I C E   F E A T U R E S   O F   T H E   G A M E S

These games are CHEAP! If, after trying the shareware version of these games, you decide you would like to own a registered set, you can buy the whole set of ten games for only $25.00! That's only $2.50 per game.
These games generate almost NO network traffic! While they're running there's no traffic to slow down your site or server, or to cause extra bandwidth usage that runs up your "traffic/hits/usage" bill. While running, these games use none of your server's processing cycles, and do not need to communicate with your server at all. This makes them very useful as a "time-filler" if you have users waiting for large FTP downloads from your site.
They make an XLENT waiting room! If you have a chat room that really struggles to get started sometimes because none of your users are willing to be the first there and then just wait to see if anyone else shows up, you need these games. With them, a user can check the chat room, and if empty, just play a game while waiting. You know that if they leave your site while waiting, they often get involved somewhere else and never get back that day. If you have "chat-room" areas that aren't always populated, then you need to have something for users to do while waiting for others to join the chat.
You get discounts! Everyone's site can use a bit of help sometimes. As a games customer, you qualify for exactly the same "repeat customer" discount rates that our web design and internet software customers receive. All registered owners of HtmlPoker will also receive a $10 discount on our new game Html 21. This is a video blackjack game that we have written in the new DHTML style for better graphics and animations.
They make your site Hi-Tech! Your site may be really well done or like many, a "work in progress" that just seems to take forever to develop real structure and form. While everything else is "under construction" these games will help with that well-structured, well-written, and very "cutting-edge" feel you need.
This product is brought to you by Bentstone Capabilities Group, E-Mail: